Art Lacrosse ball TOmmy Johnson Lax Artist
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Thursday Lacrosse Drop: It’s Ba-ack!

Yesterday’s Lacrosse Drop was fun, right?  I’m back at it today.  Cramming all those lacrosse stories into one post and keeping you up to date on everything lax.  Today we have more sweet gear, inspiring lacrosse stories and even more lacrossedroptastic information.  Read on and have a Happy Holidays!

If you have something you think should be included in a future Lacrosse Drop, send it in to us at!

Sweet Sweet Lax Themed Cascade Box Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade M11 Hockey box lacrosse helmet
Sweet, sweet box lacrosse.

Ok, so technically this helmet is an M11 Cascade Sports Hockey Helmet, but who’s really counting?  Cascade took the lacrosse helmet design, converted it to use in their new hockey lid, and now we all use them as box lacrosse helmets.  I wear one myself.  It’s kick ass.  Yesterday we had a pink Reebok lid, and now a blue and yellow Cascade lid.  Box helmets are sweet.


That’s One Artistic Lacrosse Ball

Tommy Johnson, Lax Artist (not to be confused with the ArtOfLax), recently posted a painted lacrosse ball which he had signed.  I don’t know where it is being displayed, but it looks pretty cool!  Nice work, Tommy!  Photo taken from Lax Artist Facebook page.

Art Lacrosse ball TOmmy Johnson Lax Artist
Very cool stuff.


Maine Premier Lacrosse Swag Bags Just Got Swaggier

Remember when we told you about a super cool event taking place between Christmas and New Years in Maine?  Well, LAS added some stickers to the swag bags and we’ll be providing coverage of the event after its over.  We have high hopes for MPL’s first go at a Winter Classic, and we love seeing the game grow in Maine! Grow The Game stickers
LAS and GTG!


Stevenson’s Helmet Is Even CRAZIER Than Their Gloves

I was pretty sure that Stevenson wouldn’t be able to out do themselves so quickly, but I was wrong.  They unleashed insane Maverik Rome gloves on the world earlier this week, and have no followed it up with outrageous helmets con HeadWrapz.  The lid features more of the red, white, yellow and black Maryland State Flag, the Baltimore City skyline (I think) and then more flag pattern in green and green on much of the rest of the helmet.  At least that’s what I can see so far.  Shout out to LaxUNationfor posting the photo.  Well done, fellas!

Steveson Cascade Lacrosse helmet HeadWrapz
Busy, and outrageous. 100% Stevenson.


Growing The Game: Arcadia Moves From Club to NCAA DIII

This 10 minute long video was produced for a class, but it’s actually a pretty interesting watch and goes over some of the transition and timing for Arcadia University to add NCAA DIII men’s lacrosse.  It’s especially useful to watch if you are on a team, or coach a team, that is trying to make the jump.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Winning in Progress: A Lacrosse Story”]


Rough Cut of Haverford School Movie.

Wow.  Lots of good lax action.  Pretty excited to see the final version if this is only the rough cut!

SPORT OF WAR ROUGH ASSEMBLY from VideoChannel on Vimeo.