Jim, Get Me A Lacrosse Rundown

Corporate wants a run down? What IS that?

The Hawai’i Invitational is over and Wimmer Solutions, a team loaded with talent, took home the title.  They beat the Crease Monkeys in the final… and the Monkeys were also loaded with talent.  The Iroquois Nationals were in attendance as well and they made the semis.  Theirs was a journey not only of playing the game, but also teaching it.  InsideLacrosse provided a ton of content, but so far the best action shots are up on LaxPower.com. Come on Jiloty. You almost NAILED it!  10 action shots of 6 different teams and you would have been a tournament coverage god. Maybe next year.

The Iroquois team was a mixture of old, new and current players, but was likely not the same caliber team that would have played in Manchester over the summer.  This is not a slight to the Iroquois team that did travel out there in the least – It is merely an observation that needs to be made because people will inevitably use their showing in Hawai’i when speaking about the next World Championships in 2014 (which will take place in Denver) and how the strong the Iroquois will be.

My guess is they will be very strong and contend for a medal.  I think they have always had the the skill, and now have the depth, to push either the US or Canada to the brink. But we’ll just have to wait another 3 and a half years to find out!

For now, the FIL World Indoor Games in Prague in 2011 will tell us much more about how strong the Iroquois really are. To prime you for those very world games, we’ve got some Canada-US box highlights. Why not?

If you live in NYC and want to man up and play some box lacrosse on Saturdays this winter, go to the Ulax website and register for the New York City Box League. I’ll be running the show along with the guys from Ulax so you know it’s going to be on point.  Bring your sweatpants and your back up stick and get after it.  Let’s not talk about Box Lacrosse too much though. We’ll stick with field this time.

There are more Delaware and Ohio State highlights on Lax.com.  New highlights, same story in my opinion.  OSU looks more athletic, Delaware has some kids with good hands and neither of these teams look like a true contender.  I like where OSU is heading though.  They really need HS lacrosse in the state of Ohio to continue to grow.  That would be a gold mine for them.

Here are some more college fall ball highlights featuring UMass and Stony Brook.  Some good action going on there.  Glad I found them on MajorLeagueLacrosse.com.  Yup, you heard right.  There are some really solid college highlights on the MLL’s website.  I’m as confused as you are, but glad they are there.

We’ve also got Navy-Delaware as well as Virginia, Princeton, Georgetown and Army. Thank you MLL!

E-lacrosse has absolutely nothing new to report.  Sad, it used to be one of the top lax sites on the internet.

Guelph University in Canada has a lacrosse team.  Pretty cool.  They also have a fantastic news team that reports on their activities, all while using the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour intro music.  Stay classy, Canada!

We recently put up some pictures of Thailand and Hong Kong playing a friendly International lacrosse game. And now Thailand has announced that Sean Lindsay, Kyle Harrison and Chazz Woodson will all work as development officers for lacrosse. For more info go to the Thailand Lacrosse website and see how they’re growing the game by leaps and bounds.

Chazz Woodson will be growing the game in Thailand along with Kyle Harrison and Sean Lindsay. Great crew of guys!

In the lacrosse world, the fall is not only for playing.  It is also for serving and helping communities and groups in need.  Recently the US Coast Guard Academy and Morgan State put on clinics through the BRIDGE program for disadvantaged youth in Baltimore.  They ran a clinic for much of the day and then provided some action for the kids to watch in the form of a scrimmage.  Always nice to see lacrosse teams giving back and making the world a better place.

USCGA and Morgan State players pose in front of a whirly-bird.

Does your High School make a highlight tape? If you can make one that is at least this good, then you should.  Get on that and then send it to us.  Get famous.  2010 highlights from Tabor Academy in Massachusetts:

Finally, we’ll wrap up with the best deal on the internet.  LacrosseMonkey.com has Reebok 9K gloves from last year for $65. They retailed for around $160.  $95 ten-finger discount anyone?  Um, ok.


  1. Not that it matters at all, but that classic Guelph intro is NBC circa Tom Brokaw….. You did, however, remind me how much I miss Robin McNeil. He and Lehrer will never be equaled for quality, no BS news broadcasts. They made PBS watchable for Republicans.