Show LAS Your Old School: Brown University Intense Traditional

Old School Brown Lacrosse Traditional stick
Notice anything interesting?

There are still so many unlocked mysteries surrounding Old School lacrosse that we have yet to get to…  How the first helmets were made, homemade shafts, bent shafts, pinched heads, all leather gloves… the list goes on and on.  But today we have something very cool and a little bizarre!  It’s an Old School photo from Brown University, but something here is just a little different.  Who can help us figure this one out?

Old School Brown Lacrosse Traditional stick
Notice anything interesting?

Hopefully you noticed the string job right away and gasped, “WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!??!?!?!”

It’s clearly some sort of traditional variation, that much is for sure.  But it’s nothing like the old leather and cross lace traditional that I am familiar with.  The Diamonds are incredibly short and wide and this means that there are a ton of them.  Most traditional you see today is either 6 diamond or 8 diamond.  This, on the other hand, is at least 14 to 16 diamond traditional.

And it only gets cooler from there.  The leathers used are not the normal, wide leathers we use today.  They look like they might actually be cat guy, but in more of a rope style.  As for the cross lace, I have no idea, but it looks like some sort of relatively thin string.  It seems far too thin to be lacrosse lacing though.

Overall the pocket is just too weird, and too cool not to share.  The photo is in Black and White, but I wonder if those jerseys were actually Brown. If they were, Brown State needs to get a throwback kit together ASAP!  Thanks for the find goes out to Mike Brand!Old School Lacrosse


  1. It looks like the stringer added a twist with the crosslace on both side of whatever this guy used for leathers, which is what gives the diamonds the oblong shape.  In fact, he made have used the same thin string for both the leathers and crosslace.  
    Also, it looks like the bottom 1/4 of the stick was left unstrung.  I bet this stick threw like a dream.  
    Old Brine heads are hard to ID, and this picture doesn’t make it easy; I’m  going to guess PL-66.  
    Could be a PL-77 though.  
    Do you have a year this was taken and the full picture?  Couldn’t be too hard to find out whose stick this was…