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Dear Lacrosse, Please Don’t Ever Become Football

4 - Published February 5, 2012 by in College

Cody Hart watches the NFL, College Football and the Super Bowl just like the rest of us. But his fandom of football, and his love of lacrosse, have got Cody thinking. Why lacrosse should NEVER become football.

college football needs playoffs

Hot Pot Of Lax: College Football Needs Lacrosse-Style Playoffs

2 - Published November 2, 2011 by in College, Hot Pot

College Football NEEDS to add a playoff system. That isn’t new news. But how should they do it? Take a page out of lax’s book! After all, the NCAA lacrosse championships are HUGE!

Box Lacrosse t-shirt

Hot Pot Of Lax: T-Shirt #1

7 - Published January 10, 2011 by in Hot Pot

One lax t-shirt design per day, all week long. Plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

Friday Cheese: Have You Seen These Cleats?

6 - Published November 5, 2010 by in Gear

The Nike Mercurial SL cleats may very well be the most innovative cleats of all time. Plus lacrosse news & notes as always.

Friday Cheese: Sweet Life, Sweet Shorts, Sweet Gloves

1 - Published September 24, 2010 by in College, Gear

But the Daily Cheese isn’t just sweet, it’s spicy too.

Drofdarb: Humpday’s Happenings & Hyperlinks

0 - Published September 22, 2010 by in College, Pro Lacrosse

Have you popped your lax bubble this week?

The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

0 - Published January 8, 2010 by in The Life

The weekly highlights from our network site The Spoon Feed. The Feed is back and better than ever in 2010 so strap in and set your phasers to stun.

Carla Was The Prom Queen

2 - Published January 7, 2010 by in College, The Life

Thoughts on who is the lesser evil in tonight’s BCS championship plus a rundown of the big dogs in each level of sport.

Talkin’ MCLA D2 With A Cameo By Emilio Estevez

7 - Published December 10, 2009 by in College, MCLA

At Lax All Stars, we always love when people come to us with great ideas and a passion to grow the coverage of the game. The Lax came along and wanted to see more MCLA Division 2 content on the site and we decided he fit in with our motley crew like peas and carrots. Give him a big LAS welcome for his first post.

A Special Kind Of Rivalry

10 - Published November 4, 2009 by in College, The Life

Maximizing Prophet is back again to give you the low down on a heated rivalry tucked away in the wet Northwest. College football and fall. It’s an American tradition.

Brett Vs. College Football

7 - Published October 23, 2009 by in Pro Lacrosse, The Life

Today we announce a new contributor to MLL All-Star Brett Hughes. Each week Brett will take on a single topic he thinks deserves some noise in the lax world. First up is College Football.

The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday!

2 - Published October 2, 2009 by in The Life

Because we know keeping up on the latest hip trends is hard. And reading? All those “words” and “paragraphs? Overrated! So save the heavy lifting for us. The Spoon Feed is our weekly trip through the most interesting and bizarre things that the web has to offer. Get fed.