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Photo Of The Week: Takeaway Check

0 - Published December 18, 2012 by in College, NCAA

This week’s Photo of the Week captures a rare event: the takeaway check. See how we captured this elusive beast on film, and in Seattle of all places!

charity_lacrosse_check Photo Of The Week!

1 - Published August 28, 2012 by in Club

Each Tuesday, the Photo Of The Week shows off a great lacrosse photo submitted by one of our readers! Check out this week’s winner, and how YOU can enter in the future!

Malcolm Chase’s Ding Dong Kayak Takeaway Check

0 - Published July 6, 2012 by in Training

Malcolm Chase, LXM Pro and founder of teaches you how to throw the Ding Dong Kayak takeaway check! Learn to create turnovers from one of the best lacrosse long poles in the game!

kyle hartzell rusty gate lacrosse

The Rusty Gate: Takeaway Or Desperation?

6 - Published April 9, 2012 by in College, Training

The Rusty Gate is one of the most exciting takeaway checks in lacrosse, and it’s wonderful when it works! Check out this video we received from a reader, and you tell us – is the Rusty Gate worth learning?

Defensive Lacrosse Drills: Takeaway Teacher

8 - Published April 4, 2012 by in Training

Connor Wilson shares a valuable lacrosse drill to help defensive players learn to throw great checks. This drill teaches timing, takeaways, precision and power. Plus, it can be done alone or during practice!

How To Become A Dominant Lacrosse Defenseman

7 - Published March 28, 2012 by in Training

Do you want to become a dominant lacrosse player on the defensive side of the ball? Connor Wilson hits us with three major tips for improving your game!

The World Needs More Takeaway Defensemen

10 - Published March 5, 2012 by in College, NCAA

Connor Wilson looks at Princeton Vs. Johns Hopkins and Syracuse Vs. Virginia and has come up with a crazy thought. Maybe we don’t need a shot clock. Maybe we just need more takeaway defenseman!

Lacrosse hit head to head kids illegal bodycheck penalty

Youth Lacrosse: Should We Let Kids Hit?

31 - Published December 8, 2011 by in High School, Training, Youth

US Lacrosse recently released a position paper on youth lacrosse participation where they advocated for further limitations to be placed on hitting and contact at the youth levels. Is this the best course of action? Is it safe?

Steve Panarelli Farmingdale Lacrosse kayak check West Genny

Best Lacrosse Stick Check Takeaway Video EVER.

4 - Published January 28, 2011 by in The Life, Training

How about a little stick check and takeaways highlight video to start your friday off right? Some of the best lacrosse checks over the years from High School to college to the World Games… defense is key in lacrosse. Now can you make it look pretty?