lacrosse goal or no goal?

The Lacrosse Network Presents: Goal Or No Goal?

22 - Published March 17, 2012 by in High School

The guys over at The Lacrosse Network sent over this puzzler of a video, and we know you’re going to enjoy it!  The clip comes from California High School lacrosse, and it’s definitely a tough call.  Is this a goal or not?

The ball seems to hit the net, at least a little bit, but also catches a good portion of the cross bar.  It seems to bounce back outside the goal, and at first glance it looks like pipe.  But if the net hangs low off the crossbar, I could see how a shot might deflect out like that.

Did the ball break the plane?

Did it hit the net?

Is this a goal or not? 

lacrosse goal or no goal?

Close call no matter what!

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