The Lacrosse Network Presents: Goal Or No Goal?

lacrosse goal or no goal?
Close call no matter what!

The guys over at The Lacrosse Network sent over this puzzler of a video, and we know you’re going to enjoy it!  The clip comes from California High School lacrosse, and it’s definitely a tough call.  Is this a goal or not?

The ball seems to hit the net, at least a little bit, but also catches a good portion of the cross bar.  It seems to bounce back outside the goal, and at first glance it looks like pipe.  But if the net hangs low off the crossbar, I could see how a shot might deflect out like that.

Did the ball break the plane?

Did it hit the net?

Is this a goal or not? 

lacrosse goal or no goal?
Close call no matter what!

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  1. Given the chance to look at it in slo-mo, I say no goal. However in real time it’s a tough call. The ref who came running in with the initial goal signal was in the wrong, they should’ve come together, talked about it and made the call together.

  2. So is the test whether any part of the ball breaks the plane defined by the front edge of the pipe?  If so, I say goal since the ball coming from the ground up and seems to almost wedge into the corner of the pipe.  As already mentioned, the refs called it a goal, so it is a goal.  Now if the camera was running at 60 p we would have a better look.

  3. No goal. The ball has to completely break the plane. That means COMPLETELY past the pipe- it seems to have been wedged in the upper 90, so it’s impossible that the ball could have completely broken the plain. no goal

  4. Well of course its a goal because thats what the refs called so it matters not what we think really. BUT since you asked……given the angle that the ball dropped it would have had to hit the crossbar below center which to me would mean its a goal.  Even though not all of the ball crossed the plain the ball did hit the net inside the plain just below center on the crossbar…IMHO