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Top 10 LAS Forum Discussions: We Hear You!

The Forums have been alive for a couple months now and they’ve definitely taken on a flavor all their own! We’re proud to show the Top Ten LAS Forum discussions, it’s entirely created by YOU!

A couple months ago we announced the birth of the brand new Lax All Stars Forums. We launched the forums quickly after the demise of CollegeLAX because we knew the MCLA needed its own place to hold a conversation.  But as forums often do, ours took on a life of their own, and the conversations have ranged broadly.

The forums naturally feature “Recent Discussions” on the main content page, allowing the most relevant subject to stay up top without the need to use a single filter. When people want to dive in and discover more specific forum discussions they use the “Categories” filter on the right-hand side to dig deeper into their topic of choice. Forums
Clean and simple! Lots of quality talk!

The LAS Forums are open and relatively unstructured wherever possible. What people REALLY want to talk about just naturally floats to the top.

So, what’s trending in the forums right now? Below you can find the Top 10 LAS Forum Discussions… for the moment anyway!  We’re excited to see how these boards continue to grow and change! If you’re not a member yet, get on it!


10) Way too early natty champ predictions

9) How do PCLL divison 2 playoffs work?

8) D Shafts

7) St. Louis DII Invitational

6) DI Poll changing games discussion and predictions

5) Tournament Selection

4) How come some of the northern midwest, some east coast, and north east start so late with games??

3) DII Top 25 Scores, Discussion, Hype – Week 7: Mar 12th–18th

2) PNCLL Scores, Discussion, Hype – Week 6: Mar 5th–11th

1) PNCLL Scores, Discussion, Hype – Week 7: Mar 12th–18th

If any of those topics grabbed your attention, click through, sign up and check ‘em out!

If you want to talk about something else, we’re pretty sure you’ll find someone willing to converse, argue and/or agree with you. It’s a lively bunch! The LAS Forums are alive and well!

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