The Rusty Gate: Takeaway Or Desperation?

kyle hartzell rusty gate lacrosse
kyle hartzell rusty gate lacrosse
Good ol' Rusty

In today’s version of lacrosse, takeaway checks are rarer than ever, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see a great check every once in a while!  This weekend, we received video of an IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) defender throwing the Rusty Gate against Malone University to dislodge the ball after a penalty had been called.

Is this a great takeaway, or a desperation check?

We love a good Rusty Gate!

Who could talk about this check without showing off the check below by Kyle Hartzell?

So sick. He made it on one of the best players in the game, too.

Our own Connor Wilson never threw this check, but he did play with a guy at Wesleyan who did. Connor shares an old college memory:

In college I played with a kid from Washington State named Jeff Jorve. He threw the rusty gate to perfection.  For Jeff, it was never a desperation check. It was always something he set up and threw effectively, often on the best attackmen in the NESCAC.  He let the dodging player think he was beat, but it was all in the set up, and before you knew it the ball was on the grass.

So, what are your thoughts, LAS readers?  Is the rusty gate a check worth learning, or is it just flash?

To learn how to throw checks, you can take a look at our Takeaway Teacher drill or buy the instructional DVD from The Lacrosse Shop!  Either way, you’ll be on your way to putting the ball on the ground a lot more often!


  1. It was ugly, but the end result was the same as Hartzell’s check, the ball ended up on the ground. That being said, it was a total desperation check by a player who was clearly beaten. Because the attacker hung his stick after running by the D guy, I’m not sure that a rusty gate was necessary. Probably could have gotten him with a simple trail check. In Hartzell’s play, Boyle was a threat and Hartzell wasn’t really in bad position even if the check didn’t connect.

    • I play with Steve at IUPUI and after he threw it I was the first to tell him he should have kept moving after throwing it and that there is always room for improvement. With that said the next day he threw another successful one and kept his feet moving with the player after the check was thrown. 

  2. This is the luckiest check this guy will ever have in his life. He clearly gets beaten and throws it out of pure desperation. Move your feet more and you won’t have to throw checks like that anymore. But congrats on making it work. You don’t see many of these.