Traditional Thursday: The Eagle’s Nest Pocket


I’m sure this pocket has another name other than the Eagle’s Nest Pocket, but I do love that title, so I’m going with the nomenclature that String It Up provided to me. SIU was featured in our Traditional Thursdays post a couple of weeks back with a pretty standard traditional, and a lot of neon. Less neon this time around, and far less standard issue work! Visually, this pocket is an absolute stunner.

This week’s submission comes from String It Up Lacrosse, and they can be found online at

I absolutely love the look of this pocket. Someday I might actually even play with one!

If you’re interested in getting a pocket from String It Up, make sure you use promo code “LISIU”, as this will get you $5 off any pocket as well as free shipping. Not a bad deal for some clearly excellent work!

Check out the #TraditionalThursdays Archives for more great work with lace and leather.


  1. It’s similar to a turtle shell but not quite the same. Originally the loops you see on the outer portion of the pocket were created in the Revolving Doerr pocket.Max McCool who was THE stinger at the time of e-lacrosse and the infancy of the lacrosse forums took it a step further and created the Big Word which featured more loops but a traditional center track(zig zag). Then he took it even further adding the rock-it-pocket coils and a pita center track creating the Turtle Shell. The pocket above is half Big Word half turtle Shell (It’s either a Big Word with a pita twist up the center or a Turtle Shell with a big word style outer). I don’t use 2 leather pockets but I definitely respect the skill it takes to string these, it’s very very difficult to get the tension right. I really love the colorway on the second to last pic.

  2. Its a Big Word pocket/turtle shell variant both pockets were both created by Max McCool in approximately 1999-2004. Although this string job a very well executed; is Mr.McCool receiving any royalties for the selling of his pockets (If they are patented)?