Trilogy’s Epic Duel in DUMBO Winner!

Forrest Lindekens
Forrest taunted Mitch with a JG Jr Around the World sign. Because of this...

Last week we prepped you for the Duel in DUMBO when I visited Trilogy Lacrosse’s Office in Brooklyn. Mitch Belisle (a PRO), and Forrest Lindekens (a JOE), decided to go one on one for office pride, bragging rights, and a cool $100.

Forrest Lindekens
Yes, that is John Grant JR’s photo on Forrest’s chest.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the bet: Forrest gave Mitch a hard time for not scoring more goals in the pros, perhaps forgetting that Belisle plays defense. Mitch felt like Forrest wasn’t giving him much respect and the Duel was born. Forrest padded up and stepped in net. Mitch got ten shots to score on Forrest from 12 yards out. If Mitch scored 9 shots, he won. If Forrest stopped 2 shots, he won. Missed cage shots went to Forrest.

Before we get to the video, I want to make a note of what Forrest is saying when he was interviewed. The wind in the background cut out his voice. Forrest said if he won, he would donate his winnings to Next One Up, run by Matt Hanna in Baltimore, and RWB, to support our veterans. Classy move by the big guy!

We love how Mitch was so willing to go a second round after our cameras missed round one. We do have our eyes out for the magical Mitch goes 9-for-10 footage, and when we find it, we’ll be sure to pass it along. It was kind of crazy to see!

Coming down the line Trilogy has a bunch of new bets and challenges. Rodak will take on Ryan Boyle in a half mile sprint-off, and the Forrest-Mitch rivalry continues… next up for those two? WINTER SURFING! Yes, we are 100% serious with that.