UPDATED: Under Armour Lacrosse Is Officially Making Moves

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Under Armour Lacrosse is really here!
cascadelacrossehelmet2-1024x796cascadelacrossehelmet2-1024x796 under armour
Under Armour Lacrosse is really here!

UPDATE: Under Armour asked us to take down all the photos.  So we did.  For those that saw, them… you’re lucky!  For those that didn’t… I’m sure they’ll be back in no time!  The cat is out of the bag at this point.  At least UA got a good amount of buzz from it!

On April 6th, I wondered aloud on LAS, “Where Is Under Armour Lacrosse?” Well, it looks like my question has been answered!  Under Armour went lacrosse, then mainstream, and now back to lacrosse.

Under Armour is now producing shafts (one is called the Playmaker, it’s Scandium and can be seen on the LaxUNation Blog), padding, and heads, and this will compliment their current line up of apparel and footwear. Under Armour has been working with Gait, or former Gait employees, or one of the Gaits (we’re leaning towards the latter), as a partner, and although the details aren’t exactly public yet, it seems like the deal will be similar to what STX and Nike do in their working relationship. Some of the same manufacturing plants will be used by both, economies of scale will be leveraged, and design work will occur in a more collaborative sense than if the two companies were completely separate totally different and no one has released any details yet officially.  We’re working on it!

I’ve also seen a photo of the new Under Armour head and surprise, surprise, it resembles a Gait head just a little bit, but without all the gimmicky stuff Gait heads have come to be known for.  The sidewall is aggressive.  It also looks like an older revolution (Warrior) a little bit, but how different can you really make a new head look without going overboard?  I’m excited to get my hands on one though, as I’m sure there is a LOT I missed from the photo.  These will surely start to leak online over the coming days.

From what I’ve heard, the heads are for the most part, solid.  One may have a colored insert gimmick, but I want to see how that plays out before I judge it!  Rumor has it, UA may be unveiling TWO product lines, but that needs to be substantiated before it can be taken as fact.  Interesting idea though, and it would speak to UA really diving in head first.

But the big questions still don’t surround a company’s first year of gear production… they surround the future.

You can guess that Maryland will be all Under Armour all the time, and that could possibly happen as early as next year.  Maryland has been STX now for a while, but they are an UA school, through and through, so expect that move sooner rather than later.  Loyola is another top team that rocked UA uniforms this year, but they get their gear from Warrior/Brine.  I think this would actually be a bigger steal than Maryland, because UA already owns the Terps.  Stealing Loyola from Warrior would be a big move, and I’m sure it would require some serious money to oust the big boys of lax.

What I’m most curious about is Virginia.  They are a Gait school and have been for ages now.  But with this partnership, will more players start opting for the UA goods, much like Cuse and UNC players have opted for Nike over STX more and more?  I have always liked the Gait Torque as a head, but other than that I was never that impressed.  Seems like UVA could ripe for the conversion as well.

Under Armour has consistently done well with collegiate athletes.  Universities supply their students with UA gear, and the kids feel like pros all of a sudden.  This “professionalism” has definitely helped the brand along, so I would think they would keep their focus on the college ranks, while maybe working with a couple of high profile high school teams.  And with Viriginia, Maryland and Loyola as possible targets, Under Armour will get in bed with big boys right away.

So I guess the only question left to answer is, who the heck is Easton going to sponsor?  Or are they waiting for USC to add lacrosse first?


          • I do. Under Armour is going to have a lot more money to endorse Rabil on the equipment side of things. Unsure how long his Maverick contract runs, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Under Armour try and involve him in all respects.

          • The difference is that STX & Nike have a partnership, so there is no conflict of interest. With UA entering the equipment fray with a partner that is NOT Maverik, Rabil is now endorsing two competing companies. There is no doubt that both want him because he is the biggest name in lax right now. UA also uses him in non-lax ads because, let’s face it, the dude has a great body to sell compression shirts etc. (and I mean that in a jealous, hetero way).
            So it will come down to money. Does UA want to buy out the Maverik contract? Would Kohlberg let that happen? Would UA be willing to wait out his Maverik contract or even consider looking for a new laxer altogether?
            Remember, Maverik is no longer the same company that Rabil signed with. He was passionate about their business model when he signed, but now they are part of a corporate conglomerate. And UA is different. Now they have their own lax gear and he can get in on the ground floor.

          • He’ll go where the most money is, and if contracts allows.. Maverik won’t pay a dime extra than they have to regardless, that’s just how they operate. Good luck Paul.

      • You’ll be able to see plently fo pictures when the final four rolls around. I’ll be able to post a few as well having had the opportunity to have strung three of the heads they’re going to release.
        And the Gait/deBeer company have nothing to do with UA lacrosse. It’s Paul Gait who is designing the products. Not the company.

  1. UA Lacrosse is not Gait. Simply designed by people who used to be at Gait. The new entity is called Team 22 (or something like that). This looks to be a similar deal to the Adidas licensing deal from 3 years ago.

    • Just like Nike Lacrosse is not STX lacrosse, right?

      How is this similar to the Adidas licensing deal? Would love to get a further explanation on that, James! Would be interesting for us all to hear…

      • It is nothing like the Adidas deal. This is a partnership between a major athletic company and a company with a strong background in lax (whether it is Gait/DeBeer or a new entity of former employees).
        Adidas Lacrosse was contracted through the Henson Group, a company with virtually no background in lax whatsoever. Henson already had a relationship with Adidas through a Wrestling license, but obviously that did not translate well. While good people and a solid company otherwise, Henson screwed the pooch with the first gen of Adidas gear. The Grant line was better and the 111 line was magnificent, but overpriced. The pricing was somewhat influenced by Adidas. As you know, they had a fire sale last week as that division went out of business. Basically they were losing too much money in the equipment industry because of the nature of the contract and the stigma from their first generation. They will continue to make uniforms and apparel under the “Evolve” brand.
        Adidas is looking at other options for new equipment. The most logical choice is making it alongside Reebok lax, which they already own.

    • When I looked at the shaft again, I noticed a little T22 logo. Good call.
      I’ve heard Paul Gait was involved, but 22 indicates Gary. But I’ve also heard that DeBeer was involved as well.

  2. Other than the customization options, I do not understand your love for the T2. After one season of using my helmet, the white shell is yellowing and the face mask even fell off mid-game. Zero shock absorption, when hit my head would hurt from hitting against the hard foam lining. Overall it is a cheaply made helmet. Its ‘ waste of money, if your into protecting yourself that is.