Video: 2014 Man-Child Lacrosse Prospect


When I say man-child, I mean man-child. Cole Miller is a 6’4″, 215+ pound player out of Ridgewood, NJ, who will be attending Avon Old Farms next year. Nothing too crazy so far, but unlike most guys approaching six and a half feet, Cole doesn’t play defense. And he’s not exactly a Ben Hunt, dodge and rip it midfielder either. In fact, if I were to describe him in any real way, I’d call this behemoth a crease guy. Is that weird?

There are some obvious holes in his game, and Miller needs to develop more speed, strength, and a consistent outside shot, but the potential is there. His size is obvious, his hands are good, he can finish inside, and his ability to find a seam is pretty solid. He finishes well in the video, and is obviously a huge target.

If Cole hits the wall hard, works on his conditioning (it can be hard to get in great shape as a tall youngster!), and takes his game to the next level skill-wise, I like his overall potential.


  1. my freshman year (i was probably just at 5 foot, maybe 120) we played a team that a set of twin brothers that were probably a good 6’5″ and pushing 250+. And they could run..and they played middie. scariest thing ever