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2012 Professional Lacrosse All Traditional Team

After our extremely successful 2012 College Lacrosse All Traditional Team post, and the recent Just Another “Traditional” Lacrosse Summer post, I knew we had to do it for the professionals as well. It’s time to form the 2012 Professional Lacrosse All Traditional Team! This post will be fluid, and updated all Summer.

If YOU know about a professional lacrosse player using traditional, please send that information to us (and a photo for proof and publication!) in an email at, and well make sure you get the credit!

Right now, the list is still pretty short. I haven’t take a ton of games in live yet, so I can only speak for a portion of the pro ranks. Help me fill this list out completely, and if you’ve got suggestions that might lead to more traditional professionals being found, drop me a comment at the bottom of the post!

2012 Professional Lacrosse All Traditional Team:

Steele Stanwick – MLL – Ohio Machine

Stanwick was the MVP of the 2012 College Lacrosse All Traditional Team, and it’s no surprise to see Steele make an appearance on the pro list in the same year. Stanwick has been ripping it up, is adjusting to the pro game seamlessly and is still rocking traditional… perfection.

Chazz Woodson – MLL – Ohio Machine

I’ve seen him use traditional in person, and in the past in the pros, but I hadn’t seen it so far in 2012… but thanks to Chris Rosenthall, I HAVE seen it, and so have you. Chazz with the straight up traditional. Love it.

chazz woodson traditional lacrosse stick

Doug Shanahan – MLL – Long Island Lizards

Shanahan has been using a Rock-It-Pocket for as long as I can remember. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him use anything else. Whether he was winning the Tewaaraton or playing for Team USA, Shanny was rocking a traditional RIP. Now he’s back on Long Island, and playing for the Lizards, and he’s sticking with it.  LOVE IT, Doug! For a full preview of this week’s MLL action, check out our Major League Lacrosse Weekend Preview!

doug shanahan traditional lacrosse
Shanahan rocking the tradish variation.

Kevin Leveille – MLL – Rochester Rattlers

The Leveille brothers are Albany-area legends, and have some of the best hands in the game. It’s questionable if there has ever been a better inside scorer in the game than either of them, and in 2012 Kevin (who played at UMass. thanks LongStick33) has been spotted using tradish. His inclusion was a no brainer. Thanks to 412 for the find!

kevin leveille traditional

Josh and Phil Sanderson – NLL – Toronto Rock

These two Sanderson cousins (tell me I got that right) use traditional pretty much all the time. At least I can’t ever remember Josh using mesh… sometimes the stick is colorful, sometimes it’s all white. But it’s always traditional. I love a pro that uses traditional, but a pro box player that uses traditional? Even better. Pita pockets are also a favorite.

Steenhuis is clearly jealous of Phil Sanderson’s tradish.

Dan Cocchi – MLL – Long Island Lizards

Cocchi has used traditional off an on, and played longstick in college at Towson. Now he plays short stick in the MLL (picking up a pole on only a rare occasion) and in 2012 is rocking traditional. We hope Cocchi keeps it up all season long and never goes back to mesh. The Pro world simply needs more tradish! Plus Cocchi is do-it-all midfielder who can ball. We want to keep him on this team!

dan cocchi traditional lacrosse
Traditional alert!

It turns out an LAS reader, Joseph, from the Throne Of String, actually strung Cocchi’s Pita Pocket, and he was kind enough to send over some more photos! Great stuff and certainly worthy of a pro player.

Warrior Evo3 Pita Pocket Traditional lacrosse
Absolute perfection right there.

Thomas Muldoon – LXM Pro – Team Solé

Is it just me or is traditional stringing even more rare on the West Coast? I was a little surprised, and obviously happy, to see that at least one LXM Pro player was using traditional. Muldoon was a three time all-Ivy and two time All-American while at Brown, and his lacrosse idol is former Bowdoin and NLL star, Tom Ryan, who also used traditional. From one generation to the next.

thomas muldoon traditional lacrosse
Someone HAS to have a better picture than this screenshot. Help me out!

Ari Sussman – MLL – Boston Cannons

Reader Powersms2 hook us up with the info: Ari Sussman, Boston Cannons by way of Dartmouth College.  Dude had a cup of coffee in the league (season opener) and he always rocks traditional, at least from the limited pics of him that I’ve seen.

I know a couple of other current pros who used traditional in the past (Chazz Woodson immediately comes to mind) and others who will soon join the ranks (Steele Stanwick anyone?), but I still need YOUR help in finding the guys who go old school in the pocket right now!

Be on the lookout for professional lacrosse players rocking traditional out on the field this Summer, and send in your submissions! In the meantime, make sure you check out the 2012 College Lacrosse All Traditional Team. These guys may be the pro traditional stars of tomorrow.