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2013 NCAA Rule Book: READ IT!

The 2013-14 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules are out, available to the public, and well worth a read. If, like many others in the lacrosse world, you have questions about how the new 2013 rules will be implemented, and what specific language is used, then you should read it. If you play, or plan on playing college lacrosse, you should read it. If you plan on talking about college lacrosse, you should read it.

Basically, you should read it… and yes, I’m talking about all 85 pages.

To be able to scan ahead and find the rule changes, you can use this page index, which was taken from the rules book:

Substitution box expanded to be 20 yards – page 11

Minimum of six and a maximum of 10 balls shall be available at each endline and sideline; additional balls at the scorer’s table – page 13

Ball must meet NOCSAE standard and display mark by 2014 – page 13

Shooting strings or laces must be within 4” of top of crosse – page 15

Third pre-whistle faceoff violation of each half results in 30-second technical penalty – page 27

Faceoffs during penalty situations must have four players in the defensive area and three players in the offensive area – page 27

Tape may not be added to the throat of a faceoff player’s crosse – page 27 (this is worded in a confusing way still. The rule refers to non-contrasting tape. No white tape with a white head. It must be of a different color and is required for FoGos. Thanks Haz Class for pointing this out.)

Ball that returns to the defensive half of the field and remains in the offensive team’s possession starts a 30-second count to shoot – page 35

“Get it in/Keep it in” count removed – page 35

Goalkeepers no longer given grace period to return to crease before play is restarted – page 37

Horns eliminated for substitutions – page 40

Procedures for restarting play adjusted to increase pace of play – page 40

Restarting play when offensive team is awarded ball in attack area adjusted for quick restart – page 41

Removed “deliberate” from the targeting the head/neck rule – page 45

Description of legal screening added – page 54

Stalling rules adjusted to mandate offensive team responsibility to create a scoring opportunity, with two exceptions – page 59

When stall warning is enforced, offensive team has 30 seconds to take a shot on goal – page 59

Stall warning mechanics specified; officials to use timing device and manage process on the field – page 59

Removed mandate for team leading to keep the ball in the attack area when there are less than two minutes remaining in the game – page 60

Stick inspection procedures adjusted – page 78

Here are some other interesting moves and changes:

– Starting in 2014, three officials must be present for every game. For 2013 it is still ok to use two officials if need be (Page 20).

– When the goal gets moved, play will now continue on until the scoring opportunity is dead (Page 32):

If the goal cage is accidentally dislodged during play, officials shall let a scoring play continue and allow the goal if the ball enters the goal cage. Officials should stop play if/ when no scoring play exists and replace the goal cage.

– Intentional delayed substitutions are now illegal (Page 40).

– Screens and picks can not be set with feet wider than shoulder width apart (Page 54)

And finally, here are two images that give you a perfect idea of what is legal, and what is not, when it comes to stick stringing: