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Brian Witmer
Brian is our financially irresponsible maniac of a friend. Originally from Upstate New York, Brian spends his Winters out in Utah at a ski resort. When the snow leaves, so does Brian. Where to? Your guess is as good as ours, but good guesses include playing in Prague, Australia, Italy, or living in a van down by the river.
bayswater lacrosse club

Want To Play Lacrosse In Australia?

While I loved playing college lacrosse, I’m here to talk about what you should be doing after college lacrosse - you should go play lacrosse in Australia.
Finland box lacrosse

World Lacrosse Update: Finland, Israel, Poland, Hong Kong, Qatar + More!

The planet is too big of a place to put all lax news in one place, but we're attempting to do it in our first World Lacrosse Update!
Sam Mackinnon

Sam Mackinnon, In Memoriam

Sam Mackinnon was known lovingly as “Dregsy”, after a difficult battle with a brain tumor, has passed far too soon at the age of 23.
Sin City Box Classic las vegas box lacrosse

What Happens In Vegas: Box Lacrosse Style

Just try to stop Brian from globetrotting for his love of lacrosse. This time it was Vegas for the 2017 Sin City Box Classic. Prepare for a doozy.
PJ MartinUnCommon Fit Lasersharks Photo: Larry Palumbo / Coyote Magic Action Shots

Adults ONLY Sin City Box Classic – LIVE THIS WEEKEND!

It's that time of the year when men's box lacrosse teams convene in Las Vegas for the 2017 Sin City Box Classic! Here's the field of 10!
Team M Malaysian Lacrosse Singapore Spectacular

Singapore Spectacular: 10,000 miles, 10,000 smiles

Brian Witmer traveled 10k miles for the love of lacrosse, this time for the Singapore Spectacular!
Featured Story: Kenya lacrosse kids lacrosse the world

Kids Lacrosse the World, Grow the Game in Kenya & Malaysia!

Elliot Couch is doing amazing things to Grow the Game in Kenya and Malaysian Borneo with Kids Lacrosse the World!
Grand Canyon

Chasing the game: 8,611 miles in 4 weeks

Brian Witmer details his 8.5k mile lacrosse adventure because we are all just looking for a couch to crash on!

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