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The 2021 PLL College Draft was held Monday night, with Jeff Teat going No. 1 overall to Atlas and Michael Sowers going at No. 2 to Waterdogs.
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2021 PLL College Draft Results

The picks are in! Yesterday was the 2021 PLL College Draft, which consisted of just four rounds of eight picks. Broadcast on NBC Sports, the picks flowed fast and furious with all eight coaches brought in remotely via video. We’ll have more coverage here on Lacrosse All Stars analyzing the picks, but for now we can just look at how it all went down.

2021 PLL College Draft Results


  1. Atlas – Jeff Teat (A) Cornell
  2. Waterdogs – Michael Sowers (A) Duke
  3. Chrome – JT Giles-Harris (D) Duke
  4. Redwoods  – TD Ierlan (FO) Denver
  5. Archers – Jared Conners (LSM) UVA
  6. Chaos – Mac O’Keefe (A) Penn State
  7. Whipsnakes – Connor Kirst (M) Rutgers
  8. Atlas – Dox Aitken (M) UVA


  1. Cannons – Jack Kielty (D) Notre Dame
  2. Atlas – Jake Carraway (A) Georgetown
  3. Atlas – Danny Logan (SSDM) Denver
  4. Chrome – Ryan Terefenko (SSDM) Ohio State
  5. Archers – Tre Leclaire (A/M) Ohio State
  6. Chaos – Kyle Gallagher (FO) Notre Dame
  7. Chaos – Tenner Cook (M) North Carolina
  8. Whipsnakes – Ryan Tierney (A) Hofstra


  1. Atlas – Peter Dearth (SSDM) Syracuse
  2. Waterdogs – TRADE to Archers for Eli Gobrecht. Jeff Trainor (M) UMass
  3. Chaos – Jared Bernhardt (A) Maryland
  4. Chrome – Justin Anderson (M) North Carolina
  5. Archers – Conor Gaffney (FO) Lehigh
  6. Chaos – Kyle Thornton (D) Notre Dame
  7. Whipsnakes – Colin Squires (D) Denver
  8. Redwoods – Charlie Bertrand (A/M) UVA


  1. Cannons – Stephen Rehfuss (A) Syracuse
  2. Atlas – Gerard Arceri (FO) Penn State
  3. Waterdogs – Ethan Walker (A) Denver
  4. Chrome – Jackson Morrill (A) Denver
  5. Redwoods – Jamie Trimboli (M) Syracuse
  6. Chaos – Ryan Smith (A) Robert Morris
  7. Whipsnakes – Nick Grill (D) Maryland
  8. Redwoods – Charlie Leonard (FO) Notre Dame

PLL Team Draft Results

Atlas – Teat (A), Aitken (M), Carraway (A), Logan (SSDM), Dearth (SSDM), Arceri (FO)

Waterdogs – Sowers (A), Walker (A)

Chrome – Giles-Harris (D), Terefenko (SSDM), Anderson (M), Morrill (A)

Archers – Conners (LSM), Leclaire (A/M), Trainor (M), Gaffney (FO)

Redwoods – Ierlan (FO), Bertrand (A/M), Trimboli (M), Leonard (FO)

Chaos – O’Keefe (A), Gallagher (FO), Cook (M), Bernhardt (A), Thornton (D), Smith (A)

Whipsnakes – Kirst (M), Tierney (A), Squires (D), Grill (D)

Cannons – Kielty (D), Rehfuss (A)

PLL Draft Results By Position

Attack – Teat, Carraway, Sowers, Walker, Morrill, O’Keefe, Bernhardt, Smith, Tierney, & Rehfuss

Midfield – Aitken, Anderson, Trainor, Trimboli, Cook, Kirst, Leclaire, & Bertrand

Faceoff – Arceri, Gaffney, Ierlan, Gallagher, & Leonard

SSDM – Logan, Dearth, & Terefenko

LSM – Conners

Defense – Giles-Harris, Thornton, Squires, Grill, & Kielty

Goalies – None

2021 PLL College Draft General Notes

  • If a player returns to school to play lacrosse for another season, their rights are not retained.
  • If a player returns to school to play another sport (Bernhardt for football), their rights are kept for two years.
  • Chrome Head Coach Tim Soudan noted while picking JT Giles-Harris that they received news defenseman Tom Rigney will likely not be available due to Army commitments, making a close defender a higher priority.
  • The only trade of the night was in the third round, with the Waterdogs trading their pick to the Archers for defenseman Eli Gobrecht.
  • With Jeff Teat being drafted No. 1 overall, this makes him the first player in the league drafted in two collegiate drafts. He was picked by Chaos in the 2020 PLL College Draft in at No. 12 overall.
  • While the existing crop of PLL goalies is pretty loaded, it was still a surprise for none to be drafted.
  • The opposite of goalies was FOGOs, where five were taken. This illustrates how important it is for teams to not just have one starter, but have a starter-quality backup ready.