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Lake Tahoe Summit Classic - ADVNC Perspectives
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Lake Tahoe Summit Classic – ADVNC Perspectives

As you’re driving to Riverview Sports Complex (RSC) in-preparation for the tournament, you can sense that there is something special about the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic (LTSC). It’s not your run of the mill, cookie cutter tournament that we have all be subjected to countless times.

You’ll have plenty of time to reflect on this while driving through what has to be one of the world’s most beautiful places, to and from, doing something that you love with all your heart… Is there a better combination?

Lake Tahoe Summit Classic: The Skinny

Pull into the RSC and immediately notice smiles on everyone’s’ faces, whether it be vendors, players, parking staff. Walk up to register at the tournament headquarters and receive a greeted by tournament director, Kevin Levielle! How cool is that? One of the best American-born players of all time, debatably the best inside finisher ever, is there with a smile to get you situated. Like I said before, there’s something extremely special about the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic.

While LTSC is only in it’s third year, you would never guess that. It is a well oiled machine and I believe that is due to the incredible team that runs it, Summit Lacrosse Ventures, the company who also runs the world renowned tournament Lake Placid Summit Classic. I think when you have a group of strong-willed people that passionately care about the cause you are bound to end up with a fantastic product.

You’re In For A Treat

Lake Tahoe Summit Classic - ADVNC PerspectivesIf you are unfamiliar with the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic, I will try and give you just a brief rundown. Bare with me, I’m biased when talking about the subject since it is one of my favorite weekends of the year. The Lake Tahoe Summit Classic was formed in 2014 when Kevin Levielle (UMass star before going on to have an incredibly decorated MLL career and captaining Team USA) decided to partner up with Chris Rotelli (Tewaaraton winner and Nat’l Champ at Virginia, standout MLL venteran). In my opinion, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything involving these two incredible men go poorly.

The grounds fill with tons of activities, shopping tents and incredible food (shout out to the Full Belly Deli and the Gnar Burrito). Between games, RSC is an inviting place for families and players to hang out. Anyone walking down to the lower fields would find one of the most beloved UVA alumnus, Joe Thompson, running the fun zone. Players and fans partake in accuracy competitions, clock their shot speed and play around with the new Warrior Evo Warps. There are very few tournaments you will find that people want to actually hang out on site in-between games. There was something to do for someone of every age.

An Inside Perspective

Lake Tahoe Summit Classic - ADVNC Perspectives

I work closely with Rotelli to ensure apparel for his brand, ADVNC Lacrosse, is situated and ready for the tournament. It is always awe inspiring to see all the hard work that Rotelli puts into making this event flawless. I’ve been fortunate enough to see how much of himself he pours into the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic each year.

Talking to other Summit members, like CEO Ashley Gersuk, I can tell they give this tournament every ounce of themselves. In my opinion, that’s what makes this such an incredible weekend.

As we were breaking down the tournament, we would momentarily take breaks to take in the beautiful landscape surrounding us.

I remember Rotelli exclaiming to himself,

“There are very few tournaments that I have ever been to in my life where I want to hang out after they are over.”

I think that speaks in volumes about the event. Hopefully I’ll see some of you lax rats out there next year. Make sure to stop into the ADVNC Lacrosse tent and say hello!