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Trilogy MS Aces East 2016 - Smart Ways To Prepare For Lacrosse
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3 Smart Ways To Prepare For Lacrosse Season

Editor’s note: Please welcome back Trilogy Lacrosse national director and pro lacrosse player Mitch Belisle to LaxAllStars! In today’s piece, Mitch shares a few smart ways you can prepare for the 2017 lacrosse season. Remember, it’s never too early to be prepared.

1. Set Personal & Team Goals

Start thinking about your goals. What are they going to be for the 2017 season? Win a championship? Achieve All-American status? Simply improve your stickwork? Setting and then sharing your goals will make them more likely to come true. In a study by Dominican University, 70% of participants who shared their weekly progress with a friend achieved them, as opposed to the 35% success rate for those who did not write down their goals or share them.

Smart Ways To Prepare For Lacrosse

2. Attend the US Lacrosse Convention

Learn from some of the best in the game (Belisle! Striebel!), see the latest lacrosse equipment and technology. It’s lacrosse’s biggest off-field event and provides tons of great tools for players, parents and coaches alike to get ready for lacrosse season.

3. Knock the dust off your stick (or cleats)

There is no worse sight for a coach than a stick that’s clearly been left untouched for months: dried-out, flattened pocket…crusty shooting strings… Make sure you hit the wall, attend a clinic (we have several coming up!), or get your lax legs under you at least 2 weeks before the first practice or tryout. If you are coaching a team, have the first 2 weeks of practices planned out – here are a few ideas to spice up those practice schedules…

Trilogy Lacrosse Train Everyday

These are just a few smart ways to prepare.

If you’re reading this and you have a recommendation based on your own experience, please share it in the comments section below!