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Announcing The Grow The Game Contest!

Editor’s Note:  Josh “Chewy” Acut has been GTGing in South Texas, and he’s been GTGing with the Philippines Lacrosse Association as well.  But Josh isn’t done there.  He’s not content with Lacrosse Growth in his backyard, and creating a new International program isn’t enough either.  So Chewy is laying down the gauntlet, putting his OWN MONEY on the line, and Growing THE Game.  Not just HIS Game.  See exactly what the Contest is below. Learn how you can win and GTG all at the same time!

This past week I have gone back and forth on whether to write about the Philippines Lacrosse Association or the newly formed Smithson Valley Lacrosse Club (TX)… but I’m going to totally switch it up and go with neither.  Instead, it’s Grow The Game Contest time!

GTG Baby!

A couple weeks ago I posted a phrase that went something like “Don’t grow YOUR game, grow THE game,” and it keeps running through my mind, like a track stuck on repeat.  I simply cannot stop thinking about different ways to introduce the sport to new players, Grow The Game across socioeconomic and cultural lines, and really just create a more global initiative to GTG.

With that being said, I figure why not have a contest, right?

And this is not just any challenge for a wall-ball or stick trick video, or even a who can be the most “Bro” contest… This is going to be a true GTG video contest.

The Grow The Game Contest is here!

Over the next couple of months, yes I said MONTHS, I want to see if ANYONE can put together a small video that documents how they truly are Growing the Game. And when I say Growing the Game, I mean that they are really making an effort to take the game and bring it to a whole new level. We’ll reward the winner with an AWESOME prize, so check out how to enter and what you could win below!

Take every ounce of your GTG passion, hit the streets, and just Grow the Game. Teach inner-city kids at the basketball court how to play 3V3 by just shooting on corner pockets (or trash cans!), organize a lax intro clinic and recruiting event, teach some old dogs new tricks (lax tricks of course), help a struggling program get back on its feet… JUST Grow the Game. You get my drift?!

And if you try and come with a weak video just trying to get some attention, or promote your brand or self… It’ll get deleted and tagged as #EPIC_FAIL.

Why do you have a couple of months? Because Growing the Game is not a part-time job, it is not just a phrase on a shirt, it is a mindset, it is what keeps this game alive, and a contest like this is all about doing something that will make a lasting impression on the lacrosse community.

Who can enter?
Anyone can enter.  I’ve created a NEW Facebook page just for this, it’s linked up with LAS, and ya’ll can start posting your vids there!  Each video entry will get a better ranking with the more “Likes” it gets. I’ll have the final say, but the more “Likes” your video gets only helps your chance of winning! Once again, ANYONE can enter.

What does the winner get?
Here is the big “whoa” in this whole GTG Initiative thing. This is my lacrosse version of a “Pay It Forward” type of deal.  I will personally buy the winner a new Men’s or Women’s STX setup (Scandium, Alliance, Crux, Stallion, etc), a new gear bag, and a dozen new lacrosse balls out of my own pocket.  It might not be a lot, but Growing the Game is about more than just the prize!

Why would some regular Josh, like me, do this?  To show that this is how much the GTG Initiative means to me. This is how much the GTG Initiative should mean to all of you.  That sounds pretty corny right? But think about this… If no one else enters, except for you, you win!

So with that said, the Facebook page is up. The link will be pumped on for the coming weeks and months. I HOPE this gets the response I know it can get.  Happy laxing and Good Luck!

Peace, Love, and Laxiness,

And remember, “Don’t grow YOUR game, Grow THE Game!”