Stick Trick Saturday POWLAX Pass
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Stick Trick Saturday: POWLAX Pass

Ok everyone, this week has been one of the busiest of my life, but here we are another Saturday, another stick trick. My man Patrick Chapla from POWLAX and I got together and wanted to see what our minds, and soft hands, could come up with.

We hit some pretty hard tricks so we are starting off small with the POWLAX Pass. Grab a buddy and do a pinwheel pass to each other. You should be switching balls in the air.

All this week the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park staff thought it would be a good idea to play Rocky Mountain High on repeat for what seems like the entire tournament. So while you and your partner are doing this trick you have to be listening to this song.

This week we will be picking a random duo that nails this trick and posts it in the community section of LAS. The requirement is that you have to have Rocky Mountain High, by John Denver playing in the background. The winners will receive a piece of POWLAX mesh.

The tricks will be getting increasingly harder in the next couple weeks. Keep checking back in for the next contest and awesome content from Denver 2014.

Think you can one up me? Let’s see what you got! Send in your homemade stick trick videos for a chance to be featured on next week’s Stick Trick Saturday! Check out previous week’s videos if this one seems a little advanced!