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Want to Become a Lacrosse Writer? LAS is Open for Contributors

Do you want to become a lacrosse writer? Lacrosse All Stars can make that happen.

We are currently open to bringing on a few new writers into our contributor army. If you have interest in writing about lacrosse and educating people about the game, we want to hear from you.

Whether your expertise is in the PLL, NCAA, NAIA, men’s, women’s, field, box, international, or anything in between, there can be space for you at Lacrosse All Stars.

Become a Lacrosse Writer: LAS Is Open for Contributors

We at Lacrosse All Stars are searching for passionate lacrosse athletes, coaches, fans, officials, administrators, and ambassadors who want to generate lacrosse-related content. That could be written, audio, video, photo, or any other medium.

Your creations will be combed over, improved, and edited by professionals with years of experience in the media field, helping to elevate your work to an even higher professional level.

If you’re an athlete with a story to tell, we want you to tell that story on Lacrosse All Stars, either in your own words, through ghostwriting that we can provide, or a traditional interview format. If you’re a coach with intimate knowledge of the game’s intricacies, we want you to explain lacrosse’s Xs and Os on Lacrosse All Stars. If you’re a fan whose passion for lax is limitless, we want your voice to be heard on Lacrosse All Stars.

We cannot promise you will avoid this fate.

We love lacrosse, and we want to work with other people who love lacrosse. If you love lax and have an interest in making content about it, then there’s no question you’ll fit in just fine.

Experience is great, but it’s not required. You can be coached on how to improve your content grammatically and organizationally, how to make it more engaging, and more. What’s most important is a love for the game and a willingness to learn and work through any obstacles.

For inquiries on learning more about the content creation opportunities we have available or any other relevant questions, please fill out our contact form and let us know how you’d like to contribute.

We are also searching for additions to our contributor army for Nothing But Nylon, our basketball website that covers the sport in the same way. If you have a love for hoops, too, please do not hesitate to make it known.