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Berger & Grant Challenge Chazz Woodson’s Top Goal Title

Before we officially put MLL week 6 in our rear view, let’s make sure we’ve settled something: Chazz Woodson’s goal was great, but was it better than the ones put in by Stephen Berger and John Grant, Jr?

Chazz defeated Dan Hostetler in the comments section of their earlier showdown, but he’ll need to beat these late entrants before he can officially earn the week’s top honors.

First, it looks like Mark Matthews has some competition as well, because the Charlotte-Chesapeake game produced a new nominee for “most impressive goal that immediately precedes a Bayhawk cheap shot.” Take a look at Stephen Berger, channeling his inner Tim Desko:

Wait a second – Did you say Berger put some mustard on it? Berger, like Burger? Ah, I see what you did there, Quint. Delightful.

(On a totally unrelated note, Chesapeake’s Brian Spallina and Nicky Polanco are currently ranked #1 and 2, respectively, in penalty minutes this season. Polanco has spent twice as much time in the penalty box this season than the #3 guy, so that lead should hold for a while.)

And while we’re on the subject of between the leg shots, take a look at this goal from John Grant, Jr. He doesn’t actually shoot it between his legs, but, well, just watch and see:

Fake between your own legs, then BTB between the goalie’s legs? Sheesh. Nothing you can do about that one, Charlotte.

With these two new challengers, does Chazz still hold the title?