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Bill O'Brien Unfiltered
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Bill O’Brien Unfiltered

This season the New England Black Wolves are taking us behind the scenes with the squad’s top players in a new video series called “Unfiltered.” The first episode features Onondaga native Bill O’Brien, a defenseman for the Black Wolves.

Bill O’Brien didn’t play college lacrosse. He played football. A defensive end at Sacred Heart University, Bill even had several NFL tryouts after college before he decided to take a different route. In addition to his role with the Black Wolves, O’Brien works full-time as president and co-founder of Thompson Brothers Lacrosse.

As the driver of the TBL brand, O’Brien, a cousin of the Thompsons who grew up best friends with Jerome “Hiana” Thompson, finds himself in a special position. With the backing of Nike, Thompson Brothers Lacrosse is on a mission change the game if its ancestors and prove to young athletes that dreams are attainable. As you’ll see throughout this video piece, he doesn’t take the responsibility for granted one bit.

Bill O'Brien