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Brian Karalunas Interview: LSM Extraordinaire!

Connor Wilson was fortunate enough to snag a GREAT video interview with Brian Karalunas of the Long Island Lizards and! Brian has all the lacrosse answers, and clearly loves the sport! Great guy! Definitely gets the LAS stamp of approval!

During the second week of Maximum Lacrosse Camps in New York City, I arranged for some special guests to come in and provide additional instruction, and we’ve got a great video interview with one of those guys right now!  Brian Karalunas, All-American at Villanova, Current player for the Long Island Lizards, and member of the coaching staff was at camp on Wednesday and the kids were eating it up!  He agreed to do a little interview and it’s an LAS exclusive!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Brian Karalunas Interview”]

The chance to learn from Brian is a golden opportunity, and I feel like all the Longpoles who were in attendance really got a TON of great information from the LSM guys.  Both Brian and Malcolm Chase (who runs and owns and is also a NASTY pole) had a ton to teach, did so with passion and energy and always kept it as fun and up-tempo as possible.

Brian isn’t a huge guy off the field, but he certainly PLAYS big when he’s on the field.  His tenacity, the pressure he puts on other players and teams, and his ability to run with anyone (even when throwing checks) are attributes ANY pole should want to have.  His passion for the game of lacrosse is something every lax player should have, and his belief in the MLL is really great to see and hear.  You can just tell he loves playing in the league, and appreciates the fact that it is an option.  Brian is one of the many “good guys” in the lacrosse world and we wish him the absolute best of luck this Summer!!!!  Especially if he keeps rocking that neon green head!

Karalunas back at 'Nova!

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