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Bronx Lacrosse Story
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Highbridge: A Bronx Lacrosse Story

This isn’t about me, but I do think my limited experience with Bronx Lacrosse adds a little something to the story, so I’m going to share it. The video below tells the story even better!

I first encountered Dan Leventhal’s Bronx Lacrosse group a little over a year ago. Since then, I’ve seen them play a couple games and helped a couple of their players find additional outlets to play the game outside of school. Two of Dan’s players played for my club team last summer, and one of the kids featured in the video (John Pena) even played box with our club team this winter.

Why did I gladly help Dan and his players out?

Because Dan Leventhal is doing truly good deeds with Bronx Lacrosse. It’s that simple.

Dan is bringing an old game and a new opportunity to a community that will benefit from it greatly. He is molding young people, providing access to a game that wasn’t all that accessible before, and making sure that academic success, and being a good person, plays a big part in the entire process. Dan is doing sports right, and some of his players are really blossoming as players, and as young adults.

The things we all preach? Dan is doing them with Bronx Lacrosse.

He’s a living example of the huge difference any person can make in the lives of others. When Dan wasn’t sure what he was going to do, he found a way to make a difference. Dan played at Tufts in college, and another Tufts graduate, Drew Innis, put together the below film on Bronx Lacrosse, and it’s definitely worth your time and attention.

Big ups to Dan Leventhal, John Pena, and the new crop of Bronx Lacrosse future stars. Keep growing the game!

And to everyone else out there, get involved! Find a way to make it happen, you won’t regret it.