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Cajun’s Corner – Rearview Mirror

The end of the regular season marks the beginning of playoff season, camp season, club lax season, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Highlight video season.

I like that saying, “whatever you did in the regular season means nothing once playoffs begin”. The Byrd Yellow Jackets (my alma mater) in Shreveport, LA are the embodiment of that phrase. For the second straight year, Byrd beat the #1 seeded Loyola Flyers AFTER losing to them twice in the regular season.


Not that Byrd winning is shocking, though. Shocking that they repeated the same upset in the same manner two years in a row. Surprising that not one Byrd player can be found on the All State list, while a Loyola representative is found in every category, and yet Byrd wins by 5.

Byrd goes on to face Brother Martin in the semi-finals, who upset St. Pauls this weekend. Both teams are extremely inconsistent. When they’re on, they’re on. But when they’re off, it’s ugly. If both teams show up to play, it would make a prediction next to impossible. But if only one team shows up, it’s going to be a landslide victory.

On the other side of the bracket, we have Jesuit vs STM, a rematch of last year’s state championship.

Look closely. Do you see a watermark fleur de lis on the jersey?
My expectations? See above.

Expect this game to be physical. Very physical.

Pictures from Barry Spears can be found aqui.

Predictions: Byrd vs BroMart Tough call. Both teams are so inconsistent. Either way I’m picking Byrd, but by how much? If Byrd shows up to play, I expect them to win by 5 or 6. If they start flat, they might win in over time.

Jesuit vs STM Jesuit started their season strong, and have finished pretty flat. A 6-3 victory over Catholic-BR isn’t sending a statement. I’m taking STM by 5 in this game, solely based on STM’s rocket fueled physicality.


All State/District Honors

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve clicked the link above and seen the All State honors list. Two of my guys, people you’ve read about several times, were selected to the list.

Dalton Bailey at the Fastest Shot Competition (he got 3rd at 83 mph)

Dalton Bailey, Junior Attack, was awarded All District honors.

Jarred Hatfield hustling to the hole

Jarred Hatfield, Junior Middie, was awarded All State honors.

We have no criticisms of the All State/Conference list. Just about everyone that was selected was someone that we voted for. Funny, because last year I had no clue who any of the nominees were. This year, my ballot was virtually filled out before it even hit my inbox. It seems that we saw the same things as the other coaches in the league.

Congrats to everyone, but especially congrats to Jarred and Dalton. Second year players being selected to All Conference/State? C’mon. That’s nothing short of extraordinary. Their passion for the game and hard work in the off season has paid off.


Adobe Premiere Season

If you don’t know, Adobe Premiere Pro is nuclear powered video editing software available for Mac & PC. It’s awesome. This year I have game film – a luxury I didn’t have last year. When those two combine, you get highlight footage.

As a nice treat for you, I’m making highlight films for each of our games. You’ll get to see one highlight film per week, giving you the full experience of our season.

Let’s begin with introductions. Here’s a highlight film of our trip to Mississippi. You can get to know the players a little better. You’ll be seeing a lot of them.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Battle by the Beach Highlights – Lacrosse in Mississippi”]


In other news

Texas State lost to Texas A&M?? What happened?

Fundraiser for Dutchtown Lacrosse Club, Inc tonight. We want Nike jerseys so bad.

Navy is hosting a camp in New Orleans. Remember when I went last year?

Dartmouth is hosting a camp in Covington. D1 schools in Louisiana – does this mean the game is growing?

Team Quick Stick tryouts looming. I attended this last year as well.