Professional lacrosse player, coach and brand ambassador Christina Esposito joined the Going Offsides podcast this week to talk lax and more.
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Christina Esposito Joins Going Offsides

Christina Esposito is determined to leave the game of lacrosse better than she found it.

There are so many different ways to improve the game: better educating our coaches, opening up our athletes to positive mental health practices, improving the youth game, and growing the women’s game through exposure.

Christina Esposito is trying to do all of these things. A former college athlete at Northwestern, she knows better than most the physical pain and the mental resolve that todays college athletes need to not only survive but thrive. Mental and physical health are at the forefront of the message she’s trying to deliver.

One way that she will be delivering her message is through a monthly podcast show on the Lacrosse All Stars podcast network. She spoke with Nick on the Going Offsides podcast this week about her plans for the new show.

In addition to adding Podcast Host to her resume, Christina Esposito, or “Espo,” is also the chief women’s lacrosse brand ambassador for True Sports, a high school coach at St. Dominics, and a club coach for the Long Island Jesters. Oh yeah, and when she finds the time, she also plays professional lacrosse!

Last Week

JD Harkey is the head coach of the MCLA’s University of South Carolina squad. Last week, we had a chance to speak with him about the MCLA, playing at UMBC, and much more.

JD Harkey is (kind of) fresh off a national championship season with the Gamecocks. Earning supremacy in 2019 means they are still technically the reigning national champions, even though he doesn’t like to think of it that way. A UMBC grad who played under legendary coach Don Zimmerman, Harkey knows what it takes to build and maintain a high-caliber program, and I have no doubt USC will do the same.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode!