Colorado Workouts: Are You Buff Enough?


Well, when it comes to Colorado lacrosse, one thing is certain: the boys in Boulder have been tearing it up in the gym. Check out the video after the jump to see for yourself.

The Buffs
enter the season ranked #13 in the nation (according to The Lax Mag).  They take on Colorado College (DIII) in a scrimmage tomorrow evening.


  1. Dang, we didn’t do that kind of stuff when I played in the MCLA. Are a lot of MCLA teams doing this type of training? Looks like full blown varsity lacrosse to me… There are probably some east coasters who would be surprised by this. I’ve heard that many D2 & 3 teams don’t get the amenities most people assume they do.

  2. Some of the more established teams in the MCLA get to use the same weight rooms and facilities as their D1 brethren. That means that at schools like Colorado or Oregon you are getting PREMIUM stuff. Better than you would expect smaller schools to have (D2 or D3) even though they are scholorship.

    Does anyone know exactly what schools get to use their schools D1 facilities?