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Comment Of The Week!

In this week’s Lax All Stars Comment of the Week we’re honoring the winner of Wednesday’s Hot Pot Caption Contest. Hot Pot readers were asked to devise a caption for this photo:

Louisiana Lacrosse Coach
Certified Game Grower

The winning caption, chosen by Brunelle based on what made him ROFLOL (that’s Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud people, get with the lingo), goes to Ryan H. for his classy Jersey Shore reference.

Lacrosse Photo Caption Contest Winner 2.11.11
Instant Classiccc! #GTL

Editor’s note: Yo, Ryan H! Hit us at with your mailing address! You just won yourself something special no one else has ever received.

Another Editor’s note: You know what this winning comment reminds me of? A satire article we wrote for fun last March. Some did not see the humor in it, but I still LOL like Pauly D when I think about it! Linkage: Club Lax Takes A Trip To The Jersey Shore


On a serious note, our honorable mention goes out to a player from Southern Florida who commented on Connor Wilson’s breaking news article about Coach Rory Whipple leaving FSC to become the first head lacrosse coach at University of Tampa.

Real talk.

Too much slander going on in that comments section and not enough real talk. We were glad to see this player step up and tell it like it truthfully is for his former lacrosse coach.

People hating people is despicable. To truly understand a situation, you have to look at it from the 30-thousand foot view. Consider all the factors.


And now a few the comments that almost won the caption contest to help lighten the mood!

Con Bro recently spent some quality time in THE Baton Rouge.
MG just dogging 412.
Another instant classic.
What a brown noser.
Go to YouTube, find this commercial, compare!

Keep up the great conversations everyone!