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Four Pairs of Custom Lacrosse Gloves You Must See

When does Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms, not absolutely blow our minds? Seriously, the work he did for Greg Gurenlian, Joe Walters and even our own Connor Wilson is knockin’ the pants off of the competition everywhere.

It’s almost to the point that if you have a pair of Kacy’s custom lacrosse gloves, you’re a somebody.

Let’s just get to the 4 pairs of custom lacrosse gloves you must see, starting with 3 from Kacy and 1 from!

The Blueprints

This time around Kacy did a sick pair of custom lacrosse gloves that he nicknamed The Blueprints for one of he long time players as a birthday gift.

Peep these mitts and then immediately clean up the drool after.

Kacy Small The BluePrints custom lacrosse gloves

Using a pair of Black/White Nike Vapor Elites as his canvas, Kacy polished up these one-of-a-kind mitts with a blue fingerprint pattern, earning The Blueprints title.

Throwback Superman Elites

Now on to the next MUST SEE pair, this nasty throwback pair all about showing love for classic Superman.

Kacy went to work on a pair of Red and Silver Nike Vapor Elites and came up with this master piece. We have the before and after photos together so you can follow his journey.

Kacy Small CruzWorldCustoms Superman lacrosse gloves
Before and After

Nike Galactica

This pair of Brine Mikey Powell mitts were done up in Kacy’s signature Galaxy pattern, but with more of a shooting star look.

This galactic movement helped inspire Kacy to rename them the Galatica customs and they are already on their way to a good home.

Limited Edition Nike Vapor Elite Gloves

Last but not least, I’m throwing in these Limited Edition Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Gloves that are currently on a limited run over at I had to get these puppies in the mix not only for their sex appeal but because they are in short supply.

Okay, the real reason I added them is because I want to see what Kacy can do with these bad mamma-jammas as a base canvas. I actually don’t know if my heart can even handle the results.

From what I hear from the crew over at, there are only 140 of these pair being made and they’re shipping out to players around the country. There may even be an *unnamed for now team rocking them toward the end of spring so keep your eyes peeled. Right now the gloves are only available to Club Lax members, but the leftovers will be up for grabs soon enough.

Each pair of Limited Edition Nike Vapor Elite Gloves is being monitored with the Volt Tracker so they can find out where the gloves end up. With such a limited run, it’s likely that only a couple players per state will get their hands in these mitts… if that!

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Want to get your hand on in a pair of custom gloves for yourself? Follow Kacy on Instagram and shoot him an email if your seriously interested in adding some of his art to your collection!