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dodging with head up lacrosse

Dodging With Head Up: #FilmBreakdown

One of the biggest issues in lower levels of lacrosse is the inability to attack and dodge with their head up. The next three clips are great examples of lacrosse players dodging with their head up, ready to pass.

Dodging With Head Up: #FilmBreakdown

HPU Clip
The initial skip pass is made because the HPU player sees Asher Nolting on the backside. Nolting, who is one of the best play makers in the game initiates a dodge and is able to find a player on the crease that is barely open.
UVA Clip
As #42 dodges from X he keeps his eyes upfield and sees his teammate on the backside. #22 from UVA sees his man helping inside and floats behind him into space creating a lane for the pass. The pass is made, and there is plenty of time and room for a step down shot.
UDM Clip
Here we see a Titan player dodging to the cage, he gets above gle and splits back toward the cage. Quinnipiac slides from the crease while the Titan on crease fades to the backside pipe. The ball carrier sees the double coming and is able to find his teammate for the backside finish.
Take aways: When dodging, get comfortable dodging with your head up, always be ready to pass/shoot. Off ball make sure you move into passing lanes, and find space whenever possible.
For the next step, see our video of executing the draw and dump.
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