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FINALIST – Top 10 Lacrosse Legends by Somers Lacrosse

Two weeks ago, Connor Wilson presented his list of Top 10 Lacrosse Player Legends and it started some serious conversation. Next we asked LAS readers, to share your Your Top 10, and man did you guys deliver!!!

LAS Staff members read and analyzed every single submission and picked the best 3 lists to move on to this final round. All 3 top ten lists are posted on our site today. Now it is up to YOU to help us determine the ultimate winner, whose work will be go down in history as’s official list of Top 10 Lacrosse Legends.

To cast your vote and help determine the truest of true Top Ten Lacrosse Players of All-Time, click the Like button at the bottom of the post you like best.

Finalist #1, Finalist #2, Finalist #3

10. John Grant Jr.

If there is one player who can completely dominate both the field and indoor game like Paul and Gary Gait could, Its JGJR. He has a perfect balance of creativity and fundamentals, and his list of accomplishments is almost to large to name, just a few to throw out there- record for most points in a season in the mll with 71, two time mll mvp, two time offensive player of the year in the mll, Nll mvp.

9. Paul Rabil

Some would question putting Paul here ahead of a legend like Grant Jr, but Rabil gets the nod for embodying what LAS is all about- Growing the game. As the most popular lacrosse player in the world, Paul has etched his place in history for being an ambassador for the sport and a great lacrosse player. While participating in many events to grow the game, Paul has also achieved a few awards in his career- 3x all american, mll mvp, mclaughlin award, World games MVP, etc.

8. John Tavares

When coming up with this list of great players, I tried to pick those who have dominated in both the outdoor and indoor games. While Tavares hasnt made a huge impact in the outdoor game, you would be hard pressed to find one who made less an impact in the indoor game, seeing as Tavares owns records for most career goals, assists, and points in his career, along with second in loose balls. The definition of consistency, John Tavares is an all time great.

7. Jim Brown

While not having the pleasure of ever seeing Jim Brown play our great sport, he has still captured all of our imaginations by being one of the most highly touted lacrosse players in the history of the sport. Everyone who had the pleasure of watching him play maintains that his best sport was lacrosse, which is saying something considering he lettered in football, track, baseball, and basketball. How he managed playing all of these sports is beyond me, but just adds to his greatness.

6. Brian Dougherty

In my opinion and many others, the greatest goalie to ever live. “Doc” separates himself from other goalies with his leadership ability, which was on display during team USA’s title run just a year ago. One play that characterizes Brian Doughertys play is his one on one stop on Kevin Crowley during the world games championship. In other words, he stood on his head in a time where his team needed him the most. and awards? hes got plenty- three time mll champion, three time mll goalie of the year, 2 time NCAA goalie of the year. The mans a legend.

5. Paul Gait

Overshadowed by brother Gary for much of his career, Paul doesnt get the credit he deserves for being an outstanding lacrosse player. Some seemingly have forgotten that he had a very large part in the three national championships that he won while at syracuse, in 88′, 89′, and 1990. Oh, and hes a 3x all american.

4. Dave Pietramala

The greatest defender to ever live, Pietramala just so happens to be an outstanding lacrosse coach for one of college lacrosse’s most successful programs. Few people can attest to how dominant he was at the collegiate level better than his teammate and IL analyst Quint Kessenich can, of whom says Pietramala was the most skilled and dominant defender he’s ever seen play. This high praise of Pietramala is echoed by many of his peers, and not many will deny the impact he had on his position and on the game.

3. Frank Urso

Had to show some love for an all time great, and one of the greatest players to ever play at Maryland’s storied program. 208 points and a 4x first team all american, his accomplishments speak for itself. Being a winner helps his cause, as he led the Terps to two national championships in 73′ and 75′. Maryland reached the championship in each of the four years in which he attended, which is a tribute to his greatness. if championships arent enough to earn a #3 spot, Urso was a USILA player of the year and two time Mclaughlin award winner. all in all, a lacrosse legend.

2. Mikey Powell

Mikeys statistics speak for themselves- Syracuse all time leader in points, only player to ever win tewaareton trophy twice, only player to win four straight Turnbull awards, 4x first team all american, two time NCAA champion. But what sets Mikey apart from the rest is the way he played the game. I have never seen a player have such a flair for the dramatic. Mikey loved to have the spotlight on him, and when it was, he didn’t disappoint. He was the lacrosse equivalent to Allen Iverson- Quick, shifty, and flamboyant. Arguably the most dominant attackman in history.

1. Gary Gait

Who else deserves this spot more than Gary? The man revolutionized the sport of lacrosse. If Powell added flair, Gary added creativity-Behind the backs, between the legs, around the worlds, AIR GAITS-He played the game at a different level than anyone else. A born winner, there wasnt a level of play which Gary didn’t conquer.


Three NCAA championships, two time player of the year, 192 goals.


Steinfeld cup Winner as player-coach, Season and championship game MVP.


SIX time MVP, multiple championships. Nobody has dominated every level of play to the extent that Gary has, and thats why I believe he is the greatest lacrosse player of all time. Now if only he couldve played for team USA instead of winning some world games championships with Canada…

Gary_Gait Canada Lacrosse
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