First Game, First Fights For The Washington Stealth


stealth goalie

The Washington Stealth kicked off their inaugural season this weekend with a 17-8 win over the Colorado Mammoth.

And don’t worry NLL fans, there were plenty of fights to go around.

First Washington Stealth fight ever:

Fight #2 (starts at the 10 second mark):

And finally, #3, which I like to call KHABHA (Kick His Ass Break His Arm):

For a second I thought that was Mr. Rabil, but it appears that the Stealth are actually wearing black.

And now… introducing… THE Stealth Bombshells:

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  1. The fights were stupid. I thought I was watching a WWE event. Not spontaneous at all. They need to lose this crap or the 4700 attendance will dwindle quickly. Maybe it will be replaced with a minor league hockey crowd but the field laxers (especially, the ticket buying parents) won't sticka round long with 4-5 scripted fights per game.