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Forum Friday

Forum Friday: CCLA Blues

Today, Forum Friday is all about the discussing some CCLA blues.

Welcome to Forum Friday! With all the great talk going on in the Lacrosse All Stars Forums, we want to give you the chance to join in on the conversation and let your voice be heard. Each Friday we will showcase one of our Forum topics for you to check out and join in on.

This week, lax nation is trying to figure out why the CCLA is having such a down year.

DomeRap posted the following, along with some points to debate:

Do the rest of you foresee a down year in the CCLA or is it too early to tell? Here are some questions/predictions of my own for what I see to be the four top teams in the CCLA this year…

Several people have already joined the conversation to give their opinion and figure out just what is going on. Want to add something to the conversation? Click here.

Have something to say? Join the Lax All Stars Forums today and let your voice be heard!

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