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Killer Vermont Lacrosse Highlights: Virginia, Brown, Colgate, Providence And More

The University of Vermont men’s lacrosse team is looking up in 2013. This squad is improved, and more competitive than they have been in years. As a result, we are seeing more quality highlight videos out of Vermont this year than ever before. Since we reward programs that show off their games with coverage, the Catamounts are being talked about!

Vermont’s Games So Far:

Bonus Footage:

The UVM – Brown Scrimmage:

The UVM – St. Mike’s Scrimamge:

If you don’t know UVM like the back of your hand now, there is no hope for you. That’s almost an hour of Vermont lacrosse… love it!

Well done by R22P22 to get all these highlights up on YouTube!

If you don’t get the joke with the main image, then you don’t know UVM dropped its football program in 1974. Those shirts are priceless!