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Full Field NYC Rooftop Lacrosse: Photos And Video

NYC summer rooftop lacrosse PSAL
Summer lax in NYC!

We’ve been documenting something of a lacrosse experiment this Summer in New York City.  Two nights a week, we open up a rooftop turf field to public school lacrosse players and graduates, as well as volunteer coaches from Citylax.  Some nights we only get 2-3 kids and do a lot of fun shooting drills to let the kids get a ton of reps.  Other nights, we attendance is better, we do an hour or so of interesting drill work and then we play for an hour, and the only way to score a goal is to have the ball go off the pipe and in.  But this past week?  We had TWO goalies, and over 20 field players… so we just got out there and RAN!

NYC summer rooftop lacrosse PSAL

One of our young guys outrunning me. I'm old. :(

We played a fast paced, up and down game, and everyone was breathing hard by the end of it.  Each team had one “attackman” and one defender, but it was still pretty loose structurally.  The kids playing seem to benefit from this in many ways, but the most evident is that they have to find ways to make things happen, and this has really brought out their creative play.  In our environment, kids have no pressure on them, other than what they put on themselves, and I definitely think this is a great way to run a recurring Summer lacrosse event.

NYC summer rooftop lacrosse PSAL

Summer lax in NYC!

To see ALL of the photos from last Thursday’s clinic, check out Citylax’s Facebook page!

We’ve also seen some big improvements in only a couple of weeks from a number of players, and we really hope they keep at it and continue to find more ways to play year round.  We’ll certainly be doing our best to provide them with that opportunity.

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