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This Video Of A Funny Coach’s Reaction Perfectly Describes How We Feel About Canceling Lacrosse

This funny coach reaction perfectly describes how we feel about today’s announcement that the Ivy League would be canceling the remainder of its seasons for spring sports (yes, including both men’s and women’s college lacrosse) as a precaution about the coronavirus.

It is yet to be seen what other universities or conferences will implement similar policies in the wake of the coronavirus, much like Amherst did yesterday.

We are all for keeping the best interest of public safety in mind, but it’s also really hard to look a senior like Princeton’s Michael Sowers in the eyes and tell them their college career could be over. It’s definitely a sad time for the sport, its players and athletics in general when college lacrosse gets canceled.

There Is Not A More Perfect Summary Of How We Feel About Canceling NCAA Lacrosse Than This Coach’s Funny Reaction

The Face Of Our Frustration


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How we feel about the Ivy League canceling it’s #lacrosse seasons…🔗in bio.

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We’re right there with you.

Also, every NCAA Lacrosse fan in the country right now: