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Edge X laxallstars
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Gear Review: Edge X Superlight by Brine Lacrosse

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Company: Brine Lacrosse / Product: Edge X Superlight HeadPrice: $84.99 

The Edge is famous for being an elite defensive head, and while this incarnation is no different, it does provide more versatility due to its universal specs and “Superlight” construction. As an offensive player, I was curious to see how I’d like this head, and was overall impressed with how it performed.

Edge X
The Edge X Superlight.

Appearance… +10.0

This head is a classic, and Brine has done very little to update it visually…but that is a good thing! Why mess with a classic, especially in a market diluted by visual gimmicks.

Edge X Superlight
Nice touch on a classic-looking head.

Stringing… +7.5

My buddy strung this up for me with my preferred low pocket, and I tweaked it a bit once I’d thrown with it awhile. There wasn’t much of a channel in this head, partially be design and partially due to the wideness of the head. I imagine one could string this with a greater channel if they wanted to, though. There were plenty of sidewall holes to use, and the scoop of the head has large slots for the top string, just as previous models of the Edge have had. This allowed us to use a super thick top string that will last longer.

Brine Edge X strung
Plenty of side wall holes, plus large slots for the top string are all great features of the Edge.

Stiffness… +7.5

As a defensive head, you would want this to be very stiff. However, as a Superlight head, I was worried it might not be. To test the head, I gave some hard poke checks to various surfaces, and I was surprised to find that while this head might give a little more than the “normal” Edge X, it really bit well on checks. Interestingly, I talked to Team TLN face-off man Heeyoung Leem while testing this, and he said the all Superlight heads are great for facing off because they flex so well at the sidewalls.

Edge X wall ball
Wall Ball Wednesday.

Durability… +7.5

Something I really like about this head is how thick the scoop and corners of the head are. By corners, I mean the spot where the scoop meets the sidewall. This not only makes ground balls easier to pick up, but it also reinforces the head to help counteract the flexibility stemming from how light it is. The Edge also has a long neck that will help support it and keep from breaking.

Edge X corner
Plenty of side wall holes, plus large slots for the top string are all great features of the Edge.

Value… +10.0

At $85, this isn’t the most expensive head out there, and it provides a lot of good aspects. I can see intermediate-level players of any position using this head because it’s so light. It is $15 more than the non-Superlight Edge X, but I think its low weight is a plus, especially for younger players.

Overall… 8.2/10

In a recent Hangout on The Lacrosse Network, lacrosse legend Casey Powell said that his all time favorite head is the Edge. If this doesn’t tell you that the head isn’t defensive-specific, I don’t know what does. Wider AND lighter than most, this head would be great for younger players, crease attackmen, defensive middies, and CP22.

Edge X laxallstars