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Great Lakes Lacrosse Tournaments Return Game to Roots

This Memorial Day in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, a return of the wooden stick game began, again.

The Ho Chunk Nation, under the guidance of Randy Blackdeer, hosted a traditional lacrosse tournament in the Black River Falls region of Minnesota. The Creator’s Game returned with teams from Winnebago, Ho Chunk, Lower Sioux, Lake Traverse, Twin Cities, and other locations.

The game used the traditional Great Lakes style wooden sticks as pictured here. The goals were single wooden posts that had to be hit or touched with the ball.

A deerskin ball was used and the games began with a simple toss of the ball, and no equipment was put on and the fields were not limited by out-of-bounds.

The local teams of the Mission Boys and Men of Steel showed amazing skill moving the ball and hitting the post from all sorts of angles.

Most important was seeing the Nations sharing a game, bonding through a friendship of a common past, and enjoying the wonderful day for the medicine game. The host Nation did a great job keeping the even organized while the spectators grew and grew as people began to realize what was happening.

The tournament even allowed this white guy (yours truly) to bring his family and friends to play. I’m still sore and wearing scars with honor like everyone else who played.

I want to encourage everyone to join the fun and support the traditional game of lacrosse by coming out and watch or participate in upcoming events!

The next Traditional Great Lakes Lacrosse tournament will be held June 20th in the Twin Cities. The host team, the Twin Cities Native Lacrosse Club, will be holding the event at Osseo High School.

The rules are simple; Wood sticks only, hit the post to score, and honor the game.

Stay up to date and find more information by visiting the Twin Cities Native Lacrosse Tournament on Facebook!

Long Live Lacrosse.

J. Alan Childs