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Hot Pot: Meet Me In New Orleans

On Friday morning I head down to New Orleans for my fourth consecutive Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament, and I couldn’t be more excited. Each year brings new people, new experiences, and a lot of fun lacrosse, and I get the feeling 2013 could be a truly special year for the tourney.

Salt Shakerz new orleans
Matt Witko losing a rare face off to me last year, because I CONSTANTLY cheat.

The tournament usually takes place right before Mardi Gras, and it’s always interesting to see the city gearing up for what is probably its biggest event of the year. People are still working, and living their “normal” lives, but you can tell something is off, and that the locals are ready to let loose a bit.

This year, because of Super Bowl timing and a lack of hotel rooms corresponding to that weekend, the Mardi Gras Tourney was moved to the first week of March, as opposed to near the end of February.

New Orleans Lacrosse Club
Without these guys, there might not be lax in NOLA!

I’ll once again be playing for the New Orleans Lacrosse Club, but this time the NOLC has split itself in two, and now we have the Jesterescents (for the under 30 crowd), and the Jesteriatrics (for the 30 and over crowd). Obviously, I am playing for the latter team.

We’ll play the Salt Shakerz (2012 MGLT Champs), the Maple Danglers (Derek Blasutti and his Canadian crew are back!), and some team from Texas (or Florida I can’t remember) and the winner of each five team group will make the Finals on Sunday. Personally, I’m kind of hoping the two NOLC teams play each other on Sunday, but there is a lot of lacrosse to be played before that can happen.

Salt Shakerz Lacrosse New Orleans
Shakerz take NOLA!

If you’re in or around New Orleans this weekend, come on over to City Park and check out the Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament. I’ll be there, so stop by, take in some lacrosse, say hello, and enjoy what is always a wonderful time.

And can somebody get me a one of those baby blue and red Rummel HS lacrosse jackets? Way too cool for school. I’ll snap photos. Promise.