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Hot Pot Of Lax: NLL On TV & Powell Brothers – Did You Watch It?

There was actually an NLL game broadcast on national TV in the US last weekend! Did you watch the game on TV? Would you? We want to know! Plus links to Cuse’s new gear, a great Thailand Lax teaser video and more!

The 2012 NLL season has been rolling along for months now, but the first nationally televised game just aired in the United States on CBS Sports.  The game featured Buffalo and Philadelphia, and from a preview perspective, it had all the makings of a great game.  Casey and Mike Powell provided the commentary from the booth, and Philly and Buffalo both had flashes of pink in their uniforms, which would be auctioned off to benefit breast cancer research.

Box Lacrosse is definitely gaining traction in the US, and I personally enjoyed watching the game, and would prefer to see more games on TV over Livestream or ESPN3, but I’m really curious to hear how many people actually watched this game, or plan on watching one in the future.

Brodie Merrill… so good.

The production value was high, and it definitely seemed like a legitimate sports broadcast.  The camera work was pretty good and replays ran smoothly for the most part.  Casey and Mike Powell were good in the booth, and I thought Casey’s box knowledge and Mike’s passion for the game provided a nice balance.


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A notable story line for field fans was that Philly had two former Tewaaraton winners on the floor, in Max Seibald and Matt Danowski, and that announcer Mike Powell was the only guy to win the award twice.  His insight as a commentator on coming indoors, and how it’s a totally different game, managed to work its way into the broadcast here and there, and if the NLL wants to bring field fans over to box, I can’t think of a better tactic.

The game play early was pretty good, we saw some pretty goals, and the refs called a really tight game.  Unfortunately for the NLL (and Philly), Buffalo ran away with this game relatively early, going on to win 17-7.  However 24 total goals isn’t a bad thing, and watching Luke Wiles notch a hat trick in the first quarter was pretty impressive.  John Tavares went 4 and 4 for 8 points.  Max Seibald’s behind the back goal was ridiculous.

As I prep for the Ales Hrebesky Memorial in Prague later this month I’m box lacrosse hungry!  But I know not everyone is on board with the box lacrosse movement, so I want to hear your thoughts!

Did you watch the televised Philly – Buffalo game?  Would you watch an NLL game on TV?  If you did watch the broadcast, what did you think?!  Or are you just sticking with college lacrosse and the MLL?  And did you know the MLL kicks off in less than 3 weeks?



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Thailand Lacrosse Teaser.  Love it.

No one told me that those super custom uniforms and helmets would look even better in reality.  That’s just not fair.  Thailand is easily the best dressed national team on the planet.  Can’t wait to get back over there again for the GTG Invitational 2012!

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