Paul Rabil Red Bull hat
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Paul Rabil’s Most Interesting Tweet & Lacrosse Rumors

Welcome back to the HOT POT!  It’s spicy this week, and slightly shaken!

Paul Rabil predominantly uses Twitter to talk about two things: Working out, and Chipotle.  Don’t believe me?  Well 412 has proof of the phenomenon in his weekly “Moment of Zen” posts.  See?  I told you.  But when the earthquake hit the mid-Atlantic area yesterday, Rabil took things to another level.  When the going get tough, the tough get going, and some people step up their Twitter game.  Can you guess which one of those options PR99 exercised on EQDay2011?

Paul Rabil tweet
PR99 at work on the Twittlez.

Rabil doesn’t mention the gym. He doesn’t mention Chipotle, or even Chik-Fil-A.  He even goes so far as to use a literary device!  Maybe it’s hyperbole, or, metaphor, or something like that.  I was a better math student.  And now I write for a living. Great.  Grammar nerds – help me out here.  And then, the best of the tweet is that he mentions it’s a bucket list check.  He was able to realize that this was a cool experience right away, instead of just fearing for the worst.  That’s perspective, homie!

Anyway, this is just a tip of the hat to Rabil for looking danger, and the unknown, right in the face, and tweeting back with vigor.  It was much better than my “#firstnycearthquake kind of crazy” tweet.  Not inspired at all.  Oh well, now PR just gives me something to aspire to both on the field and off.  I guess I should go buy a Red Bull hat!

Paul Rabil Red Bull hat
Super serious.



– This retailer is selling new gloves earlier than anyone else, and for about $30 over MSRP.  Is that kosher?

– An MLL player has been playing box lacrosse in Canada while playing in the MLL.  This was an issue for the LXM last year as guys couldn’t play in both the MLL and LXM because they were both outdoors.  But I guess you can play for two pro one pro and also one “pro” lax team at the same time after all… as long as one is boxla.  Canadian Summer box is somewhat professional, isn’t it?  This should be fine, and should probably happen more often, but you never know.  Still, seems a little silly to not allow the LXM waiver if box is fine.

– One lacrosse manufacturer out there has cut back on new heads, and focused on improving their existing heads.  Smart? We think so.

– This superstar is now working with a new company, yet we haven’t heard a PEEP about it.  What’s up with that?



– We’ve all heard about Crooked Arrows.  But there is more than one lax movie coming out (I guess lacrosse is really hot in Hollywood right now) and this one has actors from the Twilight Sage in it.  According to PRNewswire, the movie, A Warrior’s Heart”, itself is pretty good, and lacrosse fans are liking it.  But we’ll reserve our judgment until we see it ourselves.  Still, we’re interested!  Check out the Press Release! | PRNewswire

Lax Evo partners up with Dr. Lawrence Miller, and Dr. Miller will be instructing kids on how to prevent commonly sustained lacrosse related injuries.  As kids play, and train, more, the risk of injury can definitely increase.  It’s great to see groups like Lax Evo trying to ensure the safety of their players.

– Brian Karalunas signs with Maverik Lacrosse.  Big time pick up for Mav.  BK25 is going to be around, and good, for a while.  Dude can definitely bally with the best of them. |

– Do you live in New England around the Boston area?  Interested in plying for Royal Lacrosse?  I know these guys personally, and can vouch for their excellence.  I coached Marcus Craigwell back in high school, and you won’t find a higher character coach at the youth and high school level for travel teams than MC21.  Tryouts are August 28th! | Royal Lacrosse



We don’t make highlight tapes of ourselves for no reason!  LAS/Warhawk at the Citylax Southampton Shootout!

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”LaxAllStars at the Citylax shootout”]