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Hot Pot: Reissuing The August Challenge

I love a good challenge!

In August, I realized how much my gear collection had grown, and I challenged myself (and many of you!) to give away most of our lacrosse equipment to people who needed it. I’m thrilled to say that my portion of the August Challenge was pretty successful, as I am now down to one field helmet and one box helmet, three sticks, one pair of cleats, two pairs of gloves, and some padding. Considering I used to own 8 helmets, I’d say I did pretty well!

Not my collection, but an impressive one!

Of course it didn’t have to end there, and to get prepped for the Spring, I’m reissuing the August Challenge for February, which starts in only a couple of days… so it’s time to get involved! The August Challenge is simple. Let’s run through the steps:

1) You find a piece of lacrosse equipment, which you don’t use, that still functions well. It can be an older stick, or a helmet you have on a bookshelf, or a pair of gloves you have hanging from the wall. It can even be a pair of mesh lacrosse shorts.

2) You take that piece of equipment, and you give it to someone who does not play lacrosse.

3) You help them fall in love with the game.

4) Repeat.

Pretty simple, right?

I don’t expect guys who just started playing to do this, or guys who only have one stick. But if you’ve been playing lacrosse for a couple of years, there is a very good chance that you have some lightly used equipment laying around, and someone out there needs it!

If you’re feeling really generous, you can organize an equipment drive in your town, and then donate that equipment to programs like CityLax (NYC), MetroLacrosse (Boston), Denver CityLax, and a host of other not-for-profit organizations!

Whatever you do this February, try to give away some gear, and Grow the Game. I know that meeting my August Challenge is a big ask, but I guarantee you’ll feel great about yourself if you see it through, and you’ll help improve another person’s life, all while supporting lacrosse. Why WOULDN’T YOU DO THIS?!?!

When in doubt, follow the advice of the RHCP: