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USA – Loyola Highlights And Commentary


Since it’s the first televised lacrosse event of the year, the Loyola – USA game is getting way more play than a scrimmage deserves, but if anything, that just shows how starved people are for collegiate field lacrosse.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from the game, and try to pull out some interesting tidbits while we’re at it:

:30 mark – Did you see that passing? So crisp. And that shot? Huge rip. You know where I’m going with this. Repeat it at the :40 mark.

1:00 mark – Unreal throwback pass from Team USA (I think that was Bradman), and a great catch and shoot by Ben Hunt. How scary is he as a shooter?

1:15 mark – Every college goalie should watch this portion of the video 100 times. It’s all about risk assessment now when you chase the ball. Quick restart can be a killer.

1:35 mark – Can Bradman shoot any harder than that? His low shot is super dangerous and deceptive. And that back pass to Hunt is still on my mind…

1:45 mark – Was Team USA playing a midfield zone? Sure looks like it. Loyola’s fools them with a flip pass. Zone is tough when you don’t play together a lot. Heads up flip from Layne.

2:20 mark – How did that go in? The next 40 seconds are all about new faces for Loyola. Then another Bradman rip at the 3:00 mark. 3:15 mark, wow Loyola’s passing.

3:30 mark – Mike Sawyer is such a good shooter, it’s not even funny. Did you think the new sticks would impact shooting in a bad way? Evidently, they didn’t.

3:45 mark – Josh Hawkins proves you can still dodge through multiple players with the new sticks. You just have to be fast, and get a little lucky.

4:30 mark – Chazz Woodson to Sam Bradman. I want to see a lot of that in 2014.

4:50 mark – Maybe Mike Sawyer should be on that team too. Man, that guy can straight up rip the ball.


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