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How Bad Do You Want It?

All men are created equal, some just work harder in the off-season.
– Emmitt Smith

The MLL is over. Camp season is done. Your helmet and gloves have probably been traded in for soccer cleats or football pads. Unless you are honing your skills in a boxla league or with a travel team this fall, it’s officially the off-season for a lot of lacrosse players out there.  Even the college guys are “taking it easy” (ha!) with fall ball. So, what are YOU doing to get better?

These videos were passed along to me by a friend who was pumped about college football season starting and I couldn’t help but share. The first video is titled “How Bad Do You Want It?” and features former East Carolina running back Giavanni Ruffin along with a talk from Eric Thomas aka “The Hip Hop Preacher”.

“With the NFL lockout in place over the summer, some athletes were taking it easy, enjoying the time off, and some were trying to follow their dreams and be successful.”

(via Greyskale Multimedia)


If you enjoyed the message that The Hip Hop Preacher was putting down in the first video, take a look at the full talk where he focuses on what it takes to excel in the classroom.  Just like on the field challenges, working hard in school is another example of opportunity that begs the same question: How bad do you want it?


(Part 2 starts at the 4:18 mark)