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how to own a sports team Oliver Marti
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How to Own a Sports Team with NLL Owner Oliver Marti

Ever wonder how to own a sports team? It’s a dream shared by children and adults like, but a small number of people actually accomplish it.

We spoke with Oliver Marti, the owner of the NLL’s Albany FireWolves, about how he came to own a sports team, his history in the sport of lacrosse as a player, coach, investor, and enthusiast.

For industry insiders, Oliver Marti is a common name, but not everyone knows the man behind some of lacrosse’s biggest enterprises.

Oliver Marti Explains How to Own a Sports Team

Marti As a Player

Growing up in British Columbia during a time with no internet, as he mentions during the interview, Marti relied on word of mouth and letter writing for a majority of his recruitment. This eventually led to him to Brown, where he had a standout career. He then played for Team Canada before suiting up with the New York Saints of the MILL.

Marti As an Investor

There are many prominent businessmen who have invested in the game of lacrosse and it’s growth, but few have done as much as Marti. Not only has he invested in lacrosse equipment manufacturer Epoch, but he’s also invested in the Premier Lacrosse League and most recently became the owner of the Albany FireWolves of the NLL.

What separates him from other professional owners and investors is his experience and commitment to the game. He not only invests his money, he also invests his time, which is evident in the time he dedicates to the CT Collegiate Box Lacrosse League and by coaching the USA U20 Indoor Junior Team.

He loves the field game, but his enthusiasm for box lacrosse can’t be contained. Throughout our interview, it was obvious that he has big plans and high hopes for the future of box lacrosse, especially in America.

Owning a Franchise

Only a select few ever come to own a sports team. It helps to have played the sport, but the first step in becoming a team owner is to have the funding. Marti built hid fortune over the years and considers himself very fortunate to have the opportunities he does to invest in the sport.

So, we have the money. What’s next?

If you want to hear exactly how Marti obtained his ownership opportunity, you’ll have to finish the podcast embedded above or listen on any major podcast platform.