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Ice Box: Footwear For All, Fine Footwear For You

Footwear can be tough.  It’s easy to throw on some casual, comfortable running shoes, but trust me, your girlfriend thinks they look awful and because of that she’s thinking of dumping you.  She may be shallow, but she’s also correct.

Lax dudes also love to wear turf shoes like regular shoes. I am as guilty of this as you are… but when I’m not living up to the stereotypes, I try to put in some extra effort. And now you can too.

As usual, my lifestyle gear inspiration comes from GiltMAN, right here in NYC.  This online retailer of discounted apparel, trips and other services offers great stuff consistently.  It can be a bit expensive, but you’re paying less than retail. Plus, now your formerly ambivalent girlfriend will respect you again. Well done.

Everyone wore Timberlands for what seemed like forever, but now Red Wings are the boot du jour and these Gorilla High Boots are something special. If you want to be a bit different, try them on for size.  They run $198 on GiltMan and that’s a deal, relatively speaking.

They don't look like a Gorilla made them to me.

Now if you’re feeling patriotic and want to get ahead of the game for 4th of July this summer, these Elia Maurizi American Flag Desert Boots will certainly get you there. Patriotic to the point of no return. Boom. Sure, they’re almost $300, but you can’t put a price on patriotism.

Salute your soles with pride.

Finally we have some sweet Schmoove Mid Top Moccasin Boots. Great pattern, grippy bottom, all style. At $88 these are a super stylish steal. I want these for Christmas. Really.

I like 'em!

Don’t forget to check out for more gear lacrosse players love!