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Ice Box: Winter Wear Goodies

Let’s be honest here. When it’s super cold all you need is a bubble jacket.  These things are like microwave ovens inside, and if you can find one that’s windproof you’ll sweat to death before you freeze.  At least your upper body will anyway!

Look no further than the North Face for one of these winter wear bad boys.  The Nordend Bomber will take care of you and you’ll look your best at all times.  I want one in red or swamp green, although the black is classic.  Is $350 expensive?  Yes.  But true winter warmth is priceless.  Vermont and Minnesota, I’m looking at you.

Puffy, fluffy and warm as anything.

Everyone is wearing Red Wing boots this winter.  It’s a fact.  They are EVERYWHERE.  If you want to keep with the high quality boot but want something a little more rugged, then go with Carolina Logger Boots.  The fringe means you’re a bad ass.  It is good old Alaskan Science.

Fringe! Great stuff. And show.

You could also go with these Carolina Work Boots.  Dare I say even more BA?  These things will kick butt and take names for you as you stand back and take it all in.  I have a pair of their logger boots from 10 years ago.  They’re still the most beast set of footwear I own.

Nice. Real nice.

Finally, we have a classic Wax Cotton Bedale jacket by Barbour that is a must have for any dapper young man in rainy climes.  It’s pricey, but oh so amazing.  Being from Maine, a couple of my family members have them and frankly, they won’t stop talking about them.  Since I trust them so much, I’m passing it on to you.  This is how you deal with crappy winter: Barbour.

That jacket will literally last decades.

Don’t forget to check out for more gear lacrosse players love!