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LC Blue Goose Ucommon FIt Lasersharks LASNAI 2017 LaxAllStars North American Invitational box lacrosse Onondaga Nation photo: Jeff Melnik
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2018 LASNAI Bracket Is OFFICIAL!

The 2018 LASNAI Bracket is official! The draw went down in Radotin (Czech Republic) between the 3rd and 1st place games of the Frank Menschner Cup, and our field is now set. This is not just exciting, it is VERY exciting. First off, we get to see match ups. Second, you get to start planning out how your bracket is going to look.

That’s right, for the fans at home this year, we are doing a Bracket Challenge, and just like the LASNAI it’s going to be well worth it to win!

Look for more info and an interactive bracket in the next week or two!

Don’t have a team to play for? Join an LAS House Team!

For now, feast your eyes on the gloriousness that is the 2018 LASNAI Bracket.

2018 LASNAI Bracket

LASNAI Bracket 2018Watch The Draw

Video starts after the 3rd place game, and features the 2018 LASNAI Bracket being created.

Interesting First Games

TBL Vs Glasgow Clydesiders – The two-time defending champs will start the tourney off with the Clyde, a brand new team for 2018. The Clyde will play anyone, anywhere and this is the kind of great first time match up the LASNAI can offer. Any time the champs play someone new, you need to keep an eye on the game.

Syracuse Stingers Vs Graph-Tex – I have the feeling that this is going to be an absolutely phenomenal first round game, maybe even the best of the entire first round. When you have tons of high quality teams, these are the kinds of match ups you get. Look for a Thursday evening/night battle in this contest!

LCC Radotin Vs Team Weekend – You’re going to see two different styles when the best club team in the Czech Republic (with a bunch of national team players on the roster) plays Team Weekend, which features a number of members of the Oakville Titans Sr. B team out of Ontario. This is another first round match up with the potential to steal the show.

USA White Vs Akwesasne Aces – USA has the names and firepower, but the Aces have team chemistry and a pure box background, and this is definitely a game worth keeping an eye on. There is a reason we have favorites in any tournament, and there is a reason we play the games. The LASNAI bracket just supplies the path to success!

Caughnawaga Indians Vs LaserSharks Neon – The Indians are coming off a great run at the President’s Cup, and if they bring a similar team they should be a force to be reckoned with. The Neon squad is going to be solid, athletic, and if some of their scorers pop off, this one could get really, really interesting. I can’t wait for this match up, amongst many others.

Toronto Tigers Vs Brooklyn Dodgers – This play-in game could be a really competitive game, and the winner gets to play last year’s 4th place finisher, the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation. These play-in games were assigned at random, and this one stands out as a match up that could provide plenty of excitement almost immediately.

Ok, these are just some of the games that piqued my interest. Which games are you looking forward to the most? And WHY?

Look for a bracket challenge contest to come out shortly for the 2018 LASNAI, and start picking your winners now, well before September 27th!