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LASNAI: Team No. 2 Announced!

Late last week we put up an LASNAI Update post, which also announced our first team, LCC Radotín! Now we’re rolling our second team, and we’re equally excited to have this crew involved in our tourney as they SCREAM American box lacrosse. Announcing…

LASNAI Team #2 – The Vermont Voyageurs!

While the team is based out of Essex Junction, VT, the Voyageurs will be bringing an all-star roster, with veteran players coming from all over the place, and the team’s decade long existence. It’s going to be an “alumni” group of sorts, but with over 100 games together between the players, this group should have something to show, and prove.

The Voyageurs are an interesting bunch. Their location can make it hard to attract players, but also gives great access to very good box lacrosse leagues. They’ve played in a number of leagues over the years, and the organization has worked with a junior program before. It’s on the tipping point of becoming feasible and popular in Vermont, with less imported talent.

lasnai vermont team number 2


For now, the focus is on the men’s Sr. B side, and the franchise is all about educating Americans, and giving them a chance to play “real Canadian style box lacrosse” for a summer, or multiple summers! But this team isn’t all American either. They have had Canadian players (both French and English speaking) and Native players on their roster, and if you want to play box, they welcome you aboard.

Our own Brian Witmer just spent a Summer (or most of one) playing for the Voyageurs. For a deeper look into the Vermont Voyageurs, check out the video below:

The Voyageurs bring skill, know-how, and plenty of game experience to our tournament, and they’re a great addition to the roster of participating teams. Thanks for coming, Vermont! If they bring a true all-star crew including Ethan Farrell, Greg Rogowski, Trevor Wagar, Joe Evans, Jeff McLaren, Brandon Dube, Ryan Hotaling, Kyle Baker, and others… this might be the only time anyone is thanking them.

Vermont should be a strong squad, and we’re excited to see what they can do at the LASNAI!

We will continue to count down the 2016 LASNAI teams as the coming days and weeks roll by. Once all the teams are announced, we will draw group assignments, and release a full schedule of games! For now, just know that Thursday through Saturday, September 29th through October 1st, there is going to be a LOT of really good box lacrosse going down on the Onondaga Nation!